Weekend Happy: Spa Edition

Last weekend, I was a busy little bee.  😀

I made:Whipped shea butter scented with Rose Petals and Chamomile scented F.O (fragrance oil)  I still need to work on the consistency but my alligator skin (caused by my apt’s heating system) is all gone!!!!!

I also made:

Basil & Red pepper petit loaves in addition to flaxseed loaves.  Great breakfast alternatives!

Because I did all that last week, and found time to magic loop, this weekend is going to be a spa weekend for me!  The weather’s getting better next week and my tootsie toes need to be polished.  I got the below from my friend Cyn for my birthday last year; I think some fire engine red is just the ticket. Then a nice dosage of oatmeal, banana and honey facial mask.

image credit

Here’s a quick recipe for you: 😛

  • 1 very ripe banana
  • 1.5 – 2 tbsps of oatmeal (finely ground).  I used my portable coffee grinder for this.
  • Honey.  Use enough to keep the consistency of the mixture.


Mash banana (lumps are fine).  Add enough of the ground oatmeal to thicken the banana/oatmeal mixture so it easy to spread.  Add a few drops to honey for moisturizing properties and you’re good to go.  Spread the mixture over your face and neck.  Leave on for 10 – 15 mins. then remove with warm water.  Moisturize as usual.

With all that, complete with good food, some R& R, chocolate body scrub, washing and styling my hair AND a manicure, I should be sparkling, tingling new on Monday!!!!!

What are you doing for you this weekend?  🙂

Weekend Happy!

This weekend started off kinda “not so happy”.  I’m not turning this blog into a life blog but I think I can say on here that I was  bummed out that my blood sugar issues are still with me.  I was really anticipating a better result and I was really, really down about it not being where I thought it should be.  I’m not diabetic but if I don’t get it under control, I’ll become.  So like I said, this weekend didn’t start so happy, but I’m good now.  After some encouragement from my mom and some prayer, I’m good now.  🙂

These things made me happy this weekend:

  • Saying “Happy Birthday” to both my mom and my dad.  Yep … they both celebrated birthdays yesterday.  I know … super unlikely.  They are both 6000 miles away from me, but I was able to speak with them both between yesterday and today.
  • Being given another chance to get my health together.
  • My strawberry nut smoothie.
  • Movie: 27 Dresses.  A chick-flick but for some reason I like it.
  • Movie: The Bronx Tale.  Ridiculously good.  I saw the clean version on FX.
  • A new crochet book from Ebay for less than $10 bucks.  I love Erika Knight publications.
  • Oven baked fries, shrimp in garlic sauce and salad.