I’m telling the truth, honestly, I never used to want to swatch my knitting projects.  Similar to a seamstress doing a muslin of a pattern, I hated the idea of swatching.  In my mind, it was a waste of time.  How wrong I was!!!!  It’s never a waste of time to do the prep work needed to ensure my projects turn out the best way they could.   What swatching also does for me, is allow me to test out new techniques and stitches especially because I’m a newbie knitter.  In this case, it allowed me to perfect knitting in the front and back loops of a stitch (kfb).  It was great to know that the technique was not as hard as I imagined it to be.  😳

Since my intent is to change the weight of yarn used for this project, I made up my mind to do a test swatch to ensure the stitch pattern and design are shown in their best light.  Although I used acrylic to test, I was happy with the results.   The yarn I tested with was what I had in mind for the project, but I’ve since changed my mind.  I’m looking forward to doing it in a beautiful light blue merino blend yarn from KnitPicks instead.  The yarn I’m currently swatching does not show the decorative stitches at the border in their best light and I’m hoping that a lighter shade of yarn will do so.

I’m not at home now and will not be back until Sunday.  Since I don’t want to purchase anymore yarn, I’ll wait until I get home so I could use the yarn I have in mind for this project.

Until then, enjoy the swatch … 😀

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