Alrighty Then …

It’s been about four weeks since “What I’m Doing Next Saturday” and I have some pics to share.  There’s a lot more but I didn’t ask permission to put people’s pics up on the innanet so I’m only posting ones that show my face for the most part …

My hairstylist got the inspiration style on lock-down … she so nailed what I was after.  The dress fit well albeit my little belly bump and the shoes were the comfiest heels I’ve worn in a long time.  Enjoy!!!!!

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What I’m Doing Next Saturday …

No, it never ends … there’s always something to do …   Last spring and summer it wasn’t like that; I spent a lot of Saturdays at home but this year it seems as if my spring and summer are going to be loaded with things to see and do.

Next Saturday involves:

This hairstyle:

These shoes:

And this dress:

and I was instructed 🙄 to get some pearl jewelry, but this diva got pearls with a mixture of silver so the silver sandals would have some balance in the outfit.  Hell yes … I own my new name Stacia London (as of Stacy London on What Not To Wear). 😀

Mmm hmm …  yet another go at being a bridesmaid … not a bride.  My cousin in Philly is getting married next Saturday and I’m part of her bridal party.  I was a bit hesitant with this dress because of my tummy and my wide shoulders, but with a pair of spanx and the right jewelry, I can’t believe how svelte and curvy I look.  Now,  I’m looking forward to wearing the shyt outta this dress especially as the only P.S.D (plus-sized diva) in the bridal party.  Yes … I’m gonna follow Rupal’s advice and do this:

U BEDDA WERK!!!!!!!!!!  😀

And I will, cause my cousin and her SIL (brother’s wife) think I can’t put an outfit together.  That I’m country … like we don’t come from the same island in the sun.  🙄 They wanted to tell me what kind of jewelry to buy, what kind of shoes I should wear … and quelle horreur  … “what are you going to do with those locs?”  Poor babies … they just can’t let this curvilious woman be great.

Since I’m not going out like no punk, next Saturday … it’ll be on … 😀

Pics and stories to follow … after the event …