What I’m Doing Next Saturday …

No, it never ends … there’s always something to do …   Last spring and summer it wasn’t like that; I spent a lot of Saturdays at home but this year it seems as if my spring and summer are going to be loaded with things to see and do.

Next Saturday involves:

This hairstyle:

These shoes:

And this dress:

and I was instructed 🙄 to get some pearl jewelry, but this diva got pearls with a mixture of silver so the silver sandals would have some balance in the outfit.  Hell yes … I own my new name Stacia London (as of Stacy London on What Not To Wear). 😀

Mmm hmm …  yet another go at being a bridesmaid … not a bride.  My cousin in Philly is getting married next Saturday and I’m part of her bridal party.  I was a bit hesitant with this dress because of my tummy and my wide shoulders, but with a pair of spanx and the right jewelry, I can’t believe how svelte and curvy I look.  Now,  I’m looking forward to wearing the shyt outta this dress especially as the only P.S.D (plus-sized diva) in the bridal party.  Yes … I’m gonna follow Rupal’s advice and do this:

U BEDDA WERK!!!!!!!!!!  😀

And I will, cause my cousin and her SIL (brother’s wife) think I can’t put an outfit together.  That I’m country … like we don’t come from the same island in the sun.  🙄 They wanted to tell me what kind of jewelry to buy, what kind of shoes I should wear … and quelle horreur  … “what are you going to do with those locs?”  Poor babies … they just can’t let this curvilious woman be great.

Since I’m not going out like no punk, next Saturday … it’ll be on … 😀

Pics and stories to follow … after the event …



  1. And You will be werking it!! I love the hairstyle, dress and the shoes are to die for..I’m a shoe whore lol.. So head held high, shoulder back and werk that things and show them how a natural will do it.. Now go ahead and command the attention that you deserve because all eyes will be on you!! Can’t wait to see pics and read the details..

    1. Gurrrrrlll … me too. I got to get myself under control with all these shoes I have. 😀 And I’ll have to remember yours, Phat’s and Rupal’s comments … and werk. 😀

  2. HILARIOUS! You bedda WERK! That had me rollin’.

    Well, I already know that you can put a crocus bag on and still WERK it! You will stand out more than the rest, because you are fabulous!

    1. Girl, the first time I saw that gif on NP, I almost fell out. I already said that I’ll be playing it in my head when it’s time to take pics and the like.

      I’ll give you all the details when I come back, thanks for the “your fabulous” vibes. 😀

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