Stash Down Scavenger Hunt 2015

I’ve said it time and time again — the craft community is one of the best communities I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.  The creativity, inspiration and sheer genius of crafters at all stages continues to motivate me to do better than I’ve done as each year passes.  In the discussion of genius and creativity, I have to talk about the most ingenious way I’ve been inspired so far to use my current stash —  The Stash Down Scavenger Hunt 2015.

On Ravelry, I’m a moderator of the Knitpicks (and more) Stashdown Group.   This year, our own Queen of the Sweater, Queen of Stashdown and all round Queen of Sweetness — Rae (Yondercrawdad on Ravelry) —  fellow moderator came up with the idea of the tasks I’m about to post below.  Rae is the first of us to go through the entire year without purchasing yarn but used her stash to make the most amazing sweaters; when you look at her projects, it’s hard to imagine not purchasing for a year and yet being so creative.   She’s the primary reason for our stashdown tiara challenges this year — The 6000 gram Tiara (aka the Weight Tiara) and the Yarn Tiara which is the no purchases for a year one.  And in addition to those, she came up with the Scavenger Hunt Challenge which I absolutely LOVE!!!!!

The goal is to scavenge through your stash then create projects which can fit one, two or a few of the prompts below.  Based on your ingenuity, there are levels and badges to be won to show your scavenger worthiness but there is the ultimate scavenger title — Alpha Better Recognize — if  the projects you create between Feb 19th 2015 and Feb 7th 2016 (end of Year of the Sheep) fit every letter of the scavenger hunt prompts.  What’s even better is that she provided two prompts per letter so you have choices even there.  See what I told you … ingenious and super creative!  This couldn’t have come at a better time especially since I did that massive destashing last Saturday.

The group is here and the challenge thread is here if you want to join and play along this year.  The group is super friendly and we welcome anyone who wants to join.

I’ve decided to make this post my holding place for the list of tasks in this scavenger hunt rather than having to log into Ravelry every time I need to see what’s next up.  So let’s get to it then:


We have 52 tasks – two for each letter of the alphabet. In the task descriptions, anywhere that I have written “related to” could also say “inspired by” – more abstract connections are perfectly fine.

A is for abacus – something related to counting or numbers
A is for antipathy – use something in your stash that you dislike
B is for birthstone – something related to yours
B is for broccoli – something healthy or good for you
C is for cicada – something related to your life 17 years ago
C is for cosmos – something related to outer space
D is for delicacy – something fancy or rare
E is for excavation – use some of your very oldest stash
F is for fingerprint – something that’s totally “you”
F is for festival – something related to your favorite holiday or celebration
G is for giant – something bigger than normal
G is for garden – something related to plants
H is for haberdashery – something using buttons, ribbons, or other similar notions
H is for homeland – something related to the place you live in or identify with the most
I is for inauguration – something new to you
J is for jacket – make something that is or has an outer covering
J is for journey – something related to a trip you have taken, or want to take
K is for kinship – something that celebrates your close relationships
L is for labyrinth – something full of twists and turns
L is for lilliputian – something smaller than normal
M is for marsala – use the color of the year! or craft something related to wine in general
M is for mimic – something which appears to be something else
N is for newcomer – use your most recently acquired stash
N is for nomenclature – something related to your name or nickname
O is for ornament – something purely or primarily decorative
P is for protuberance – something with bobbles, nupps, or other sticky-out bits
P is for potpourri – combine two or more things into one
Q is for quantum – use the smallest bit of stash that you still count as stash
Q is for quadrangle – something with geometric shapes
R is for reading – something related to a specific book or books in general
R is for roulette – choose stash at random and use it!
S is for solstice – something related to the shortest or longest day of the year
S is for sandman – something related to sleep or dreams
T is for taffy – something related to sweets
T is for tortoise – something which takes a long time
U is for umpire – something related to sports or games
V is for vacation – something that is a break from the everyday
V is for virtuoso – something employing a skill where you excel
W is for whimsy – something fun or silly
W is for waffle – something related to breakfast or brunch
X is for x-ray – something that is normally hidden becomes shown
X is for xerox – make something again
Y is for yacht – something related to the ocean or with a nautical theme
Y is for yodeling – something related to music or song
Z is for zoology – something related to animals

The idea of working through the prompts might seem daunting and the urge might be there to bullet through the prompts quickly but I think I’m going to employ some timely Elizabeth Zimmermann advice “speed is not necessary with knitting”.   I want to enjoy the process since the prompts are already inspiring me to work some techniques I’ve not tried before (knit bobbles anyone?  LOLOL).

This is going to be so much fun!

Craft Therapy

When life gets crazy, I do what I know how to do — pray and craft.  There’s been a whole lot of good and a whole lot of crazy mixed in so I have a few things to show you.  😀

Today frustrations drove me to this — starting a cover for my hot water bottle using this pattern:

source: wooly ewe on Ravelry

I’m using some 100% pure Peruvian wool for it in a lime green shade.  That should make it good and toasty!!!  I’ll be done with this in a few days so you should see my version by sometime next week.

But even before the crazy today, my hands have been busy.   You’ve heard me go on about the Harry Potter forum on Ravelry so I’ll spare you some more Potterhead yammering, 😀  and I’ll just say that all the following projects were based of HP prompts and submitted for class consideration in the game.  Lemme just go directly to post, directly to showing you what I’ve been up to.  😀

Cozy Winter Hat

My Project Page: Be Inspired

Pattern Designer: NaturallyKnitty

Pattern Name: Quick & Easy Slouchy Hat

Mods: I took two inches off the body to decrease the slouchy factor so the hat can fit me perfectly as a beanie

I also finished two arm knitting infinity scarves.

Arm Knitting Cowl -  Sienna

My project Page: The Forgotten

Pattern Designer: Unknown.

Resource used: Michaels Store Arm Knitting Video

Mods: none

Status: Being frogged.  That’s ripped out for you non knitters!  😀

Some of the stitches got snagged when a friend sat on my couch and it’s hard to position them back so I’m ripping and doing it again.  It only took me 20 mins the last time so I don’t fee too bad about re-doing it.

I’ve also been a cabling fiend and did this for a friend.  I can’t say too much more about this project and I’m not adding any project details since my friend that it’s going to reads this blog and it’s a surprise gift for her. 😛

It was high praise indeed when Malabrigo Yarns (seller of the yarn I used) liked the picture on Instagram.  😀

The Lonely Cable Cowl

I’ve also been fooling around with folk art weaving and the Museum of American Folk Art threw a like my way on Instagram after I posted this project.  I wanted to do something which represents all the HP teams on Ravelry and this is what I came up with.   The project definitely has piqued my interest in folk art weaving so expect to see some more of that here.  I’m really digging the free-form aspect of this type of weaving and am excited to create some more patterns of my own.  I did this on a lap loom designed for such ease of use, even children should be able to crank out his/her own creations in a flash.

Quidditch Match 4 II

This project is a lovely addition to the empty wall space that’s above my plant stand.  It looks like it’s been there all the time or at least as if it belongs there!

I have one other project to share but that comes with a bit more conversation so I’ll leave that for either later this week or on the weekend.

I know you all must be going nuts with Christmas crafting; now that the HPKCHC competition is over until January, I need to make a trip around blogland to see what you all have been up to!