We Fell Out … But Is It The End? Me & Acrylic Yarn …

Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve always made space in my stash for the dreaded acrylic yarn.  Making space for acrylic is a sometimes hot button topic in the crafty world primarily because of the unnatural nature of acrylic and how it’s produced.  But one of the, if not the greatest selling points of using acrylic, is wash-ability aka the “many non crafters don’t care to hand wash so let’s use acrylic” reason.  Then there’s the price point.  Need I say more?  Added to those, it’s come a long way and is now softer than your grammy’s old Red Heart,  and there’s more variety than ever before.  So what’s the problem?

In my earlier, not so discriminating days as a knitter, the only thing I thought of was colour.  There was absolutely no concept of fiber, how to match particular weights with projects, none ah dat!  All I lived for in the early days was  … “ooooooo pretty!!”   Needless to say, I have a cruise ship worth of acrylic, and no tan lines or hot pool boy to show for it!  😀

Recently, I was commissioned to make some boot cuffs.  I picked a lovely pattern, then I got started.   By the time I got to the the second cable repeat, I smelled gasoline.  So much so, while I talking to my mom on the phone, she suggested that I called the super of my building to have him investigate.  Yes, that’s how much it smelled.  It’s a good thing I didn’t.  I kept smelling that gasoline smell, then my hands started to itch.  Then my face, then inside my mouth.  I got up to wash my hands then realised that it was the yarn that smelled like gasoline.  I’d actually thought it was the heating radiator in my apt. My mom thought I should toss that suckah asap, but nooooooooooooooo, I had to finish the project because I didn’t have yarn in the requested colour other than for this single skein.  So I plugged on, finished the project then ditched the rest of the yarn.   The boot cuffs turned out beautifully but I had to ask myself — when is enough, enough?    I don’t consider myself a yarn snob and I do believe that acrylic has it’s place, but honestly, after all that drama, I really just feel like sticking to natural fibers only or at the very least, acrylic blended with natural fiber.   If I do that, what do I do with the acrylic I have?  What do I do with the acrylic I have and like?

What’s your take?  Do you use acrylic yarn?  Do you think that the rest of the cruise ship load is worth keeping?

While you answer me, here’s a picture of the boot cuffs.  They turned out really nice despite me almost ripping my skin off from the itching.  😀

Boot Ready II

Boot Ready

Pattern: Up On Top

Designer: Bruggadung

My Ravelry Page: You Almost Killed Me!

Mods: None

Craft Therapy

When life gets crazy, I do what I know how to do — pray and craft.  There’s been a whole lot of good and a whole lot of crazy mixed in so I have a few things to show you.  😀

Today frustrations drove me to this — starting a cover for my hot water bottle using this pattern:

source: wooly ewe on Ravelry

I’m using some 100% pure Peruvian wool for it in a lime green shade.  That should make it good and toasty!!!  I’ll be done with this in a few days so you should see my version by sometime next week.

But even before the crazy today, my hands have been busy.   You’ve heard me go on about the Harry Potter forum on Ravelry so I’ll spare you some more Potterhead yammering, 😀  and I’ll just say that all the following projects were based of HP prompts and submitted for class consideration in the game.  Lemme just go directly to post, directly to showing you what I’ve been up to.  😀

Cozy Winter Hat

My Project Page: Be Inspired

Pattern Designer: NaturallyKnitty

Pattern Name: Quick & Easy Slouchy Hat

Mods: I took two inches off the body to decrease the slouchy factor so the hat can fit me perfectly as a beanie

I also finished two arm knitting infinity scarves.

Arm Knitting Cowl -  Sienna

My project Page: The Forgotten

Pattern Designer: Unknown.

Resource used: Michaels Store Arm Knitting Video

Mods: none

Status: Being frogged.  That’s ripped out for you non knitters!  😀

Some of the stitches got snagged when a friend sat on my couch and it’s hard to position them back so I’m ripping and doing it again.  It only took me 20 mins the last time so I don’t fee too bad about re-doing it.

I’ve also been a cabling fiend and did this for a friend.  I can’t say too much more about this project and I’m not adding any project details since my friend that it’s going to reads this blog and it’s a surprise gift for her. 😛

It was high praise indeed when Malabrigo Yarns (seller of the yarn I used) liked the picture on Instagram.  😀

The Lonely Cable Cowl

I’ve also been fooling around with folk art weaving and the Museum of American Folk Art threw a like my way on Instagram after I posted this project.  I wanted to do something which represents all the HP teams on Ravelry and this is what I came up with.   The project definitely has piqued my interest in folk art weaving so expect to see some more of that here.  I’m really digging the free-form aspect of this type of weaving and am excited to create some more patterns of my own.  I did this on a lap loom designed for such ease of use, even children should be able to crank out his/her own creations in a flash.

Quidditch Match 4 II

This project is a lovely addition to the empty wall space that’s above my plant stand.  It looks like it’s been there all the time or at least as if it belongs there!

I have one other project to share but that comes with a bit more conversation so I’ll leave that for either later this week or on the weekend.

I know you all must be going nuts with Christmas crafting; now that the HPKCHC competition is over until January, I need to make a trip around blogland to see what you all have been up to!