What I Did On Saturday pt. II

My mother thinks that it’s high time I get over my body image issues and strut like the diva she knows I can be.  In her words “after-all, you’re my child, how could you not strut?” … :D.

I have serious issues with the way my legs look (big calves and small ankles) and I have a bit of a stomach that I absolutely hate.  So my issue is to find clothes and shoes that accentuate the best parts of me.  I avoid dresses like the plague and any type of clothing that makes my stomach look bigger.  I think my body issues contribute to my loathing of summer.  It’s hotter, it’s humid like a mug, so less thick clothing (aka jeans) is sometimes necessary.   Oh the horror … of showing my legs.  :roll:.

This year however, I decided that I need to work on my issues (hence the Body Bar tagline) and evolve in the way I think about my style and body.  I wasn’t aware that I even had a style, but my friends and family think I do and I see it in my head, so I’m going to live it.

I tried a couple of summers ago to have it be “the Summer of Dresses and Skirts” … but after wearing two dresses, I was back to my everyday pants wearing. 😳 This year however, I’m challenging myself to wear 30 outfits during spring and summer that include a dress or a skirt … with legs uncovered aka no hiding behind full length leggings or jeggings.  To start me off right, my mom sent me money to either purchase fabric (so I can sew my dresses and/or skirts) or get them from the store.  So off I went … in the concrete jungle … another day of hard-core NYC shopping.   My goal was to not spend over the $200 she sent, and I was more than successful in doing that.  Yay me!!!!!! 😀

I only got two dresses, but I bought some footwear to complement the skirts and dresses I already have.  Here’s some of what I got yesterday:

I didn’t get these exact Bernie Mev shoes (I couldn’t find an image online and I was too lazy to take pics :oops:), but the ones I got from Daffy’s are similar to these in a great neutral pewter shade.  Because of the design, I can wear the hell out of these when I take my next shopping excursion and not have my feet revolt by the end of the day.  The cost of the ones I got is $15.21 on sale at Daffys although it retails generally for around $69.00.

I got these Rocket Dog sneakers at DSW for $11.98 down from the original price of $29.95.  😛  These I can pair with jersey dresses, denim skirts and a top or do I dare say it … shorts … :gasp: for a super urban casual look.

I don’t know what the heck is up, but I got some PINK … Lawd Gawd … Franco Sarto’s also at DSW (the pimp for the shoe crackhead like myself :D) that are similar to those above.  The only difference is that the front has a closed band with a bow on the side, but the shade and design are identical to the one above.  Those I got on sale also for $41.96 down from an initial price of $59.95.

These shoes from Chinese Laundry are my favourite purchase of the day.  I can wear them to work, to church, to hang out.  They are super comfortable and the shade of yellow is even more divine in person than it is in the image above.  I can kill these with dresses and skirts I already own and not have my calves be even more … uhhh … buff.  😀  These I got from Daffys for $23.99 although they retail for $64.95

It’s not all fun and games when it came to my purchases yesterday, I did some sensible shopping also.  I need a new pair of trainers … my current ones are definitely ready to go.  Since my goal is to get my tuckus back into the gym this week, I bought this pair of Ryka Revive trainers from DSW.  They retailed initially for $55.95 but I got them for $39.16.  How’s that for a score?!!!!!

In addition to the above, I got two sundresses at Daffys for $16.99 each and a pink spring sweater(what’s happening to me with all  this ding dang pink :roll:) also for $16.99.  I was too lazy to post the pics, but I’ll do so when I actually wear the items.

That makes my shopping bill a grand total of $183.27.   CHA CHING!!!!!!!!

Since I had a few dollars left over, I splurged (:P) on a silver cuff bracelet ($8.00) and a coral rose necklace ($4.80) at Forever21.

Shopping two Saturdays in a row … unheard of in my broke world … but I’m glad I did, because those deals I got are INSANE!!!!! They are enough to allow the brokest, to become fashionistas … that’s if you put them together right … 😛

What I Did Last Saturday …

It’s been a while since I’ve done some hardcore NYC style shopping and street haggling, so on Saturday last, I went to town.  😛  Here’s some of what I picked up:

A DKNY Lapis dress:  this dress retails for $245.00 but I got it at a discount mega store for … yes … hold your breath … $18.00.  I thought the pleating at the waist would add more girth to my tummy, but the construction makes the pleats lay flat and this made me extremely happy.  😀


I also picked up these sandals from Bakers.  I wanted these from PiperLime, but they were out of my size.  I was strolling by Bakers and voila … “an almost replica”.  What’s even better is that Bakers had a sale so I got the black pair for $29.99 and the gold 1/2 off for $14.99.  Can’t beat that. 😀

And it gets better, I picked up this Converse shirt from Target, perfect for some skinny jeans or a skirt on a hot summer day.  I hate pink, but the rose-pink shade of this shirt is very flattering on my skin-tone.  I’m giving myself some side-eye for missing the sale of this shirt two weeks ago at $17.99.  This week I picked it up for $21.99.

Honestly … I really hate pink … I do, but I think this handbag is divine.  I figured it would help soften up my hardcore “NYC all black outfits” while still being kick-ass with its silver/pewter studs.

This I got from one of my favourite stores: Daffy’s for $26.99



Not too shabby for a day’s worth of shopping 😉