What I Did Last Saturday …

It’s been a while since I’ve done some hardcore NYC style shopping and street haggling, so on Saturday last, I went to town.  😛  Here’s some of what I picked up:

A DKNY Lapis dress:  this dress retails for $245.00 but I got it at a discount mega store for … yes … hold your breath … $18.00.  I thought the pleating at the waist would add more girth to my tummy, but the construction makes the pleats lay flat and this made me extremely happy.  😀


I also picked up these sandals from Bakers.  I wanted these from PiperLime, but they were out of my size.  I was strolling by Bakers and voila … “an almost replica”.  What’s even better is that Bakers had a sale so I got the black pair for $29.99 and the gold 1/2 off for $14.99.  Can’t beat that. 😀

And it gets better, I picked up this Converse shirt from Target, perfect for some skinny jeans or a skirt on a hot summer day.  I hate pink, but the rose-pink shade of this shirt is very flattering on my skin-tone.  I’m giving myself some side-eye for missing the sale of this shirt two weeks ago at $17.99.  This week I picked it up for $21.99.

Honestly … I really hate pink … I do, but I think this handbag is divine.  I figured it would help soften up my hardcore “NYC all black outfits” while still being kick-ass with its silver/pewter studs.

This I got from one of my favourite stores: Daffy’s for $26.99



Not too shabby for a day’s worth of shopping 😉 

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