Crime & Punishment

It’s time for me to come clean y’all!  I mean really clean.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Let me tell y’all what has happened to me.  😳

A few weeks ago, I had the audacity to respond to Andi’s post “Thoughts on Finishing Things” and stated that I’m now a monogamous crafter.   I even went on to say that my “Mood Blanket” project was keeping me on the straight and narrow and that I didn’t suffer from cast-on-itis anymore.  I absolutely didn’t plan to tell such lies!   I was so proud of myself with my  … errrr … alleged …. one Mood Blanket project.  But then my W.I.P (work in progress) basket started to mock me.  I mean — it showed absolutely no respect!  Called me a liar!  Had projects all up and through my apt — on my work table, on my couch, on my night stand and even in my bed!   Taunting me like “monogamy, what is that m’lady”?

Then exposed me it did:

Laurie's beanie

It showed me the beanie I need to add 1 inch of stockinette too, then decrease for my friend Laurie.  Plus it reminded me of the purple pom-pom I need to finish it off with.


Then I got slammed with two at a time socks that’s been sitting in my yarn bowl for the last three months.  I’ve been promising to make socks since last year. 😳

Mood Blanket Progress

I tried to hide, but was accosted by my mood blanket that’s stuck at 2.5 rounds behind.  Oye vey!!!!   She’s a demanding beauty that one.  Le sigh!

Julian's Blanket

Then I got blasted with the fact that I started Julian’s blanket last week after the Tax Office tried to sandbag me with a crazy bill, but I don’t like garter stitch in Stylecraft’s DK yarn so I hauled out some worsted in sea blue colours, only to have them sit there waiting for a start date.    This blanket was supposed to be done since last year; he’s going to be 1 in August, in a mere few weeks.  Bigger Le Sigh!

By this time, I was whimpering, asking my WIP basket not to charge me with treasonous lying behavior, to give me another chance and I got one.  I got my sentence lessened based on the fact that I actually finished a project  this week.  It was my HPKCHC project for my Defense of Dark Arts class.   This project is the “Big Lace Scarf” which was perfect for newbie lace knitters, but let me not digress.


Although I had that project to help me out a little, the fact that I had a mojito then cast on my first colourwork hat on Monday night and worked on it up to midnight ended any graciousness my WIP basket had for me.   An alcohol induced cast-on!  Treason!!!!!   In my defense, I had tried to start this project on the train earlier in the day, but my needles separated while I was doing the ribbing so I waited until later.  What?!!!! That’s the truth!  With all that drama and the fact that I had the nerve to cast on yet another project — woooo Nellie — not even the sweetness of the colourwork gave me favor.

First Colourwork Hat

My sentence: Finish all these (except for the mood blanket) and make progress on my sweater before Stitches East (October 9th 2014).   Finish them or be sentenced to the Monogamy Tower with no chance of parole or leniency.  Without opportunity to start new projects or practice new techniques .  Finish them and showcase each of them in their own F.O. post by or before the deadline or be forever known as a starter, never a finisher!

That’s too heavy a price for me to pay for not being monogamous.  I have a day off on Friday; I intend to get up early, put on pretty pjs and designate the long weekend as time served for these projects.  Will any of you be in the cells above, below or next to me?  I know I’m not the only one.  Maybe we can commiserate through the walls?  😦

WIP Wednesday: The Late Edition

Insane couple of days = late post with bad pictures.  But I know y’all will forgive me anyway. 😛

My socks have grown since the last time you saw them.  I think I’ll name these “Freedom Fighters”.  Let’s just say having them to work on during my train rides to and from work  stopped me from ending up on CourtTV on Thursday last.    As for last Thursday, I have to say — although I should expect it, it’s always hurtful and heartbreaking when someone you trust (even a little bit) betrays you.   But back to the socks …  other than me really gamed to finish them, the story behind their name will be shared sometime soon.  But in the meantime … here’s a bad picture … 😀


TAAT Socks


You can go ahead and ignore the three floor to ceiling bookshelves … reading … that’s my primary hobby crack and I blame both my parents.  But let’s leave them out of today’s post — I’ll get ’em another time.  😀 .  Just focus on the socks.  I love my version of “Two At A Time”!  I figure if I’m working on them together, they both finish at the same time and NO.SECOND.SOCK syndrome.  Can y’all believe there’s ACTUALLY a definition for this?!!!!  Knitters will eventually rule the world!  I said here first.  😀

I’m using 9 inch circulars for them both but look at the difference in the ribbing.  The one on the left has more uneven stitches, the one on the right, obviously the tension is way better.  That’s because I’m using two different brands of circulars — Chiaogoo and Hiya Hiya.    I think some knitters would assume that I’m using the Hiya Hiya circs on the right.  The tips are pointier and the cable more flexible.  But nooooooooooooooooo!!!  Call me Death Grip McGee!!!  The more flexible cable had my tension alllllllllllllllllllllllll over the place.  The Chiaogoos have duller tips and a sturdier cable and that’s the one I find myself relaxing my grip on and having more tension control with (enter Right Sock as evidence 😛 ).  I tell you.  My knitting buddy didn’t believe it when I told her cause she loves flexible cables; she thinks I’m a “rare bird”.  LOLOL!  I know I can’t be the only one.   How many of you are with me … pointer or duller tips / flexible or sturdy cable?   Which are you?  Which do you have the best tension on?

In gardening WIPs (that’s Work In Progress for you non-knitters  😛  ), I transplanted my peppers, cilantro and impatiens yesterday.  Cilantro I understand throws suicidal temper tantrums when transplanted so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these babies got the “Staying Alive” memo I sent them.    Here are these babies in their new home:

Cilantro Transplant

Cilantro Transplants

Transplanted Peppers

Jalapeno Pepper Transplants

That’s all for now folks.  Hope you each are having a wonderfully crafty week, no matter what you’re into.