Garden Tales

I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.  I have to say, after feeling for a while that there was no positive change in my life, the growth cycle and success of my garden are reminders that:

  1. growth is possible in every circumstance.
  2. growth (negative or positive) happens in every circumstance whether we’re paying attention or not.
  3. sometimes the tougher the circumstance the sweeter the reward.

Now here comes the feast of growth:






















Yes my lovelies, that’s a jalepeno pepper you see in the fourth photo down and my rejuvenated cilantro in the third.  😀

Moving from this


to this


any sign of green and growth is a plus and a blessing.   This coming weekend is going see some experimentation planting of lemon balm, rosemary and English thyme.  Fingers crossed.  😀

Since The Last Time …

we chatted, I’ve thought of you often and want to express my gratitude in ways words can’t seem to express how much I appreciate your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes.   I was overwhelmed by your kindness via the responses to my last post.  I received every single one of them plus all the text messages, emails, and Ravelry private messages.  I can’t thank you enough.  ❤

My surgery went well — can’t believe I was “under” for an hour and forty five minutes — and I’m recovering nicely.   Last week was a blur of sleep, pills, a visit to the Dr and more sleep.  So much for all my plans to craft ALL DE THINGZ!!!  I didn’t realise how immobile I would be my first week out but that didn’t stop me from wanting to get some things done.   😉     There’s still discomfort but I want to start getting around this week since I’m back to work next Monday (June 9th).

Since the last time we chatted, I:

spent a lot of time propped up here

Sweet Spot

 either sleeping or watching BBC English series like Lark Rise to Candleford on my kindle.

 spent time being my own Florence Nightingale with these

Nightingale tools

 watched my garden grow and unlike Mary Queen of Scot (Mistress Mary Quite Contrary), I’m very happy with what’s happening in my garden.  The basil is even bigger now and I can’t wait to harvest peppers.

Herbology Inspiration -- May 2014

made a makeshift drying space and hung my lemongrass to dry.  Can’t wait to have some lemongrass tea!

Lemongrass drying

dyed yarn using some random food colouring in my stash for my Ravelry Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup assignment.  I guess my inner Slytherin is calling!  The yarn base is merino so the dye job shows up beautifully.

Herbology -- May 2014

Made more swatches for my Flax Sweater.  Oye vey!  So far, I’ve used 3 yarn options and made 5 swatches!  I’m going to wear the “what’s it not” out of this sweater when it’s done.  I might even sleep in it after all the gauge issues I’ve been having.   The final yarn choice is Cascade 220 in Magenta and Pacific.

More Flax Swatches

was finally able to crochet three more rounds on my Mood blanket last night.  If I stick to my schedule, I’ll be able to finish all the rounds that I’ve fallen behind with by the end of the week.  Wanna see the adds?

Mood Blanket

welcomed my newest baby cousin Zoe J. into the world.  She came on May 22nd and her mom is my cousin Ann.  I can’t wait to meet her. ❤



That’s what I’ve been up to.  What about you?   Can’t wait to visit you all and see. 🙂