11/52: Blessings

No commentary this week either — I’ve been put on sick leave by my Dr because of some cold virus.  This is the second time in 6 weeks that I got this.  I’m supposed to go back work tomorrow but I still can’t talk.  😦 .  Despite the discomfort of this virus, I’m still thankful this week for:

  • Not being a cold virus causality.  With the numbers being what they are, it’s hard to believe so many people have died this winter from influenza and cold viruses.  I’ll definitely take the discomfort over death.
  • Being able to rest.  True, Nyquil played a big part in giving me that rest but I’m thankful for the down-time.
  • I was kinda cranky from the virus so I bought myself a small treat so I could learn a new technique.   Tunisian crochet, here I come.  It’s not much but I’m grateful that I’m able to treat myself.
  • Lovely reminder: a beautiful way to end the old week and start the new.  😀

Hope you each had a wonderful week!