This Week …

It’s feels strange not to be doing my 52 weeks of blessings post, especially when my heart is saying that I should continue.  I’m still going back and forth but in the meantime, here’s some stuff that made me happy this week:

  • Rainy days which make for perfect crafting days.
  • A surprise in the mail from my online buddy Lauren.  I’m sure all the crafters reading this can attest to how great it feels having someone send you a hand knit!  It’s soft, delectable and I absolutely love it!!!
  • Got ready for the return of Downton Abbey with homemade scones.  Best ones I’ve made ever!!!!  And of course, there was tea!!!!
  • My new W.I.P basket.  The message on the front of it makes it even more special to me since crafting really does make me happy.
  • Hearing from my Dr. that my blood sugar is back to normal.  I’m not pre-diabetic anymore.  In another six months, I can come off meds.  Thank God for that!

Rainy Days Surprise II SurpriseDownton AbbeyHappy, Happy, Joy, Joy