Calling All Knitters: The Question of Gauge

Let me get right my dilema …

I used to be like this:


but I’m not like that anymore.  However, although swatching and gauge checking are now my best friends, I’m not sure if I should use them for every project.   What I want to know is do you all swatch for small items?  Like hats, socks, mittens?

You can answer me in the comments or through the poll below.  Thanks bunches.

Tip / Technique Tuesday

If you’re like me and you appreciate the need to swatch certain projects, the following tip might work for you.

Want to keep track of your swatch dimensions without pesky post-it notes that don’t always stay “posted” and in place?  Use marking tags instead.  I got these ones from Amazon but I’m sure you can find them at any office supply store.  This size is just the right size to record all the details I need to record.

Marking Tags II Marking Tags