Calling All Knitters: The Question of Gauge

Let me get right my dilema …

I used to be like this:


but I’m not like that anymore.  However, although swatching and gauge checking are now my best friends, I’m not sure if I should use them for every project.   What I want to know is do you all swatch for small items?  Like hats, socks, mittens?

You can answer me in the comments or through the poll below.  Thanks bunches.



  1. For sweaters, tops & such, I do a gauge swatch. When it comes to hats & scarfs though I’m optional. I may swatch just to see how the yarn knits up to decide whether it will be suitable for a project.

  2. Swatching for garments is 100% necessary. For anything else (accessories, shawls etc!) swatching is totally unnecessary IMHO, I do sometimes knit a small square using the pattern before casting on so that I can decide if I am going to like the finished look of the lace/texture/colors.

  3. I don’t swatch the small patterns, and they usually turn out fine. If it doesn’t, I learn from the mistake and make another one. You can always give the ill-fitting one to someone who can use it.

    1. I thought about doing exactly what you suggested. If the projects don’t fit, I can always donate to charity or to family/friends. Thanks so much for weighing in.

  4. This is what happens when I don’t swatch on a hat: Gauge is verrrrry important! Love you and thinking positive thoughts and happy vibes for you always! Paula Sent from my iPhone


    1. @ Paula … We’re twins this way. Hats for me have been hit or miss. Sometimes they are spot on and fit perfectly, other times … whomp, whomp!!! I’m thinking that I should probably swatch enough even if just to check the width.

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