Good Mail Days

I’m going to steal Andi’s title since both our posts reflect the same thing — good mail days aka NEW YARN!!!!!  Booyah!!!! 🙂

And before anyone asks about my cold-sheeping efforts, all the new acquisitions below were as a result of trades!  Oh man!  Trades are one of the best ways to enhance or change up a person’s stash without having to spend money (except for mailing the packages of course.  😛 ).  So I’m still ON my sheep!  😛

First up:



I placed three skeins of my Madeline Tosh DK Twist in Neon Peach up for “Trade or Sale” on Ravelry and within ten minutes I was contacted by Betty.   She wanted them all and was willing to trade two of her DK Twist in Rose Gold (first picture) and one skein of MadTosh 80/10/10 in Tidal Basin (second picture).  The MadTosh junkie I am didn’t waste time … I agreed to the trade and got my goodies from Canada in record time.    They were here by last Friday!!!   Yummy!  😀

Next up are trades I made with my friend Erica.  I had two afghan lots that I wasn’t using and she had some sock yarn mixed bags that she got from her MIL.  Now that I’m turning into a sock junkie, I couldn’t say no to that so we worked out the trades.  Now I gotta say  — this chick is crazy!!!!  😀  When I trade, I like to consider the cost paid for the skeins in addition to the yardage.  This nut, my friend, promised me that the trades were fair based on my criteria and I stupidly believed her.  🙄

On Friday, I get a call from Reception that I had two medium sized boxes downstairs. In the boxes were these:

This woman sent me Regia and Madeline Tosh sock yarn!!!  In my mind, the trades weren’t even but her rationale — she got them free from her MIL so it’s more of a win for her than me.  I disagree but I wasn’t going to argue with her!  😛  I can’t wait to work with these!!!!!  Gotta love her!

I also got my roving for the quarter from indie dyer, Two If By Hand:

Although some events of the day weren’t so pleasant, Friday was a great mail day and I can’t wait to get started using these.  I have another trade in progress — some of my Gloss Fingering for Kathleen’s Palette.  She needed my fingering to finish a shawl for her BFFs birthday — I couldn’t say no that.  Great BFFs are treasures but my thoughts on that are for another post.  😀

Hope you each had some awesome mail days recently.  😀