Ack Right …

According to ole skool mommas … we need to know when to “ack right”.

I know you’re lost … probably like “what in the world is she talking about?”  😀

Lemme explain.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting some surprise mail packages.  Jacquard dyes from Asha, essential oils for candle making from Andi and a spindle kit from my friend Kathy in CT.  Then there are you all — likes on IG, comments here and on Ravelry plus my mum squawking in my ear  😀

Ack Right

All this support from people who think I should continue to do what I’m doing — trying to learn to spin (it will happen!!!), candle making and dyeing.  The packages and this quote from my IG feed cemented a great deal for me last week:


So I’m going to do just what my ole skool mommas and you all are  saying … I’m gonna ack right and keep going.  Keep learning, keep doing 😀

What’s something you want to do, that thing you want to learn?   That place you want to go to?   What’s that thing you need to “ack right” about?  Talk to me in the comments.