W.I.P. Wednesday: WIPs of Every Kind

I didn’t think I’d have anything to show this week but not so great news at the Dr’s made me do it — ain’t that something?

We all know the therapeutic advantages of having a hobby and we know of knitting specifically.  (For those who don’t know, see two of my favourites here and here).  Yesterday’s visit to the Dr revealed that I need to have more surgery on my arm that I had minor surgery on in October.   The cyst keeps recurring so now he’s referred me to a surgeon.  I have that appt next week Tuesday … just awesome … not.   I felt kinda crappy after that visit but I’d started a sock on the subway on my way to the Dr. and honestly, working on it made me feel better.  I took a sick day today to get all the things I need to do re the surgery out of the way.  Dealing with that made me frustrated at the circumstances but it is what it is and having hobbies that I enjoy really made a difference in how I feel today.  They’re not diversions, but healthy opportunities for me to work through the frustration of having to deal with this situation while doing something relaxing and productive.

Wanna see?

On the knitting front, yesterday, I started this sock on the train.  The stares from knitters and non-knitters alike were funny.  One lady didn’t know needles with that small a circumference existed and she was amazed socks could be done one something other than dpns (double pointed needles).

Sick Day

I’m using a 9 inch circular since dpns (double pointed needles) still scare the heebie jeebies out of me.  I’m going to finish this pair.  I CAN. I WILL. I MUST!!!!!   I’m almost finished the leg portion then it’s time for the heel.

In commemoration of Earth Day 2014 (April 22, 2014), I hauled out the cartons my craft shelves came in so I could start cutting them up to make covers for the storage bins.  I call this W.I.P. — “Receive, Recycle, Re-use”.

Receive, Recycle, Reuse

I can’t wait to see if my vision for them will match what actually happens.  😀  Rather than tossing them and purchasing pre-made covers, it makes sense to use this resource and turn them into something pretty and more importantly useful.

In gardening news, my jalapeno pepper trees are looking beautiful.  All my plants are right now.  Even if I don’t get fruit from them, just having them grow is reward enough!  I see some transplanting happening this coming weekend.   😀

Jalapeno Update

And for the W.I.P.  I know you’re most interested in — my crochet  Mood Blanket — I’m going to go with the majority.  The results of the poll say that I should continue with the large granny square blanket but eliminate the white separators and only do one round per color.  Now it’s time to catch up!!!!

With all this going on, who has time to stay sad … right?  😀

Hope you’re each having a wonderful crafty week! 😀