Fine Friday: Summer, Summer, Summer Time

 It’s hard to conceptualize that in just a little over 1 week, we’ll be starting Summer!  I’m going to ignore the speed at which the year is passing and just focus on the fact that with Summer, comes heat and humidity.  And if we’re not careful — dehydration!  So to start you prepping for all those long, hot, glorious days,  I’m sharing with you 20 smoothie recipes that I absolutely love.  What could be more refreshing as you enjoy your summer activities than a delicious and very nutritious drink.  A drink made by your own hand, with no added sugar or preservation ingredients which require the use of a linguist to help you pronounce them.

Mind you, although I’ve reproduced all of them over the years, I never get tired of them; they’re pretty addictive.  What I love is that they’re almost all seasonal so you don’t have to go further than your supermarket and local farmer’s markets for the ingredients.

Use the recipes as templates, then concoct your own.  I don’t use Splenda, Stevia and the like, so when I make mine, I ignore the sugar ingredient (if listed) and just let the fruit do their thing.  If I do use sugar, I use raw brown sugar sparingly.  Another tip: don’t skimp on substituting some veggies when you redo these.  All fruit and no veggies make us not very balanced ladies.  😀

Here’s to staying deliciously cool!




Kitchen Tales

I come from a long line of cooks and bakers.  My grammy, my aunties, my mother, my cousins … a longggggggggggggggggggg line of kitchen aficionados and being able to join their ranks and throw together a meal or snack with whatever is handy has proved to be a treasure.

I live in a city of closet sized kitchens (in both houses and apts) and lots of food options.  Anything you want, it’s available — at any time of the day or night.  No exaggeration!!!!  Not exactly the greatest combination if you’re trying not to spend your entire paycheck eating out.  😀  So as small as my kitchen is, I try to use it … often.  This week past, I’ve been a cooking fool and here’s the proof:

Coconut butter which is easier than you imagine.  Just google (can’t believe that googling is now a verb, but that’s a different story 🙄 ) coconut butter and you’ll see how easy it is.  This “food” is part of my Whole Food Kitchen online wellness class and gives the BEST pina colada flavoured breakfast smoothies ever!!!!  Can you believe that you can even use this as a skin moisturizer or a pre-shampoo hair treatment?  😯  How did I live without this?  And the smell …. diiiiiii – vine!!!!!

In the small Caribbean island that I’m from, bread pudding (I add  my specialty rum sauce) is a dessert staple.  Traditionally, Saturday is our baking day, so it’s normal to smell scents of bread, coconut tarts, sweetbreads and bread pudding filling the village from the early afternoon to early evening.  Yum! 

This dessert is one that was brought to the Caribbean through British colonization, but it’s been adapted and can look more “cake-like” like mine ( I crush my buttered bread in my custard mixture) or chunky as it is baked traditionally.

And although I’m not Italian, making lasagna is one of my favourite quick meals to whip up.  This lasagna dish is vegetarian (no meat product).  I used mushroom as my protein, “meaty” substance AND home-made spagetti sauce.  Yes my friends, I made the sauce from scratch.  😀  My co-worker has already requested a piece with garden salad for lunch tomorrow.  😛

Now all I need is a buff, dish-washing guy to do the clean-up.  😀