Fine Friday: Summer, Summer, Summer Time

 It’s hard to conceptualize that in just a little over 1 week, we’ll be starting Summer!  I’m going to ignore the speed at which the year is passing and just focus on the fact that with Summer, comes heat and humidity.  And if we’re not careful — dehydration!  So to start you prepping for all those long, hot, glorious days,  I’m sharing with you 20 smoothie recipes that I absolutely love.  What could be more refreshing as you enjoy your summer activities than a delicious and very nutritious drink.  A drink made by your own hand, with no added sugar or preservation ingredients which require the use of a linguist to help you pronounce them.

Mind you, although I’ve reproduced all of them over the years, I never get tired of them; they’re pretty addictive.  What I love is that they’re almost all seasonal so you don’t have to go further than your supermarket and local farmer’s markets for the ingredients.

Use the recipes as templates, then concoct your own.  I don’t use Splenda, Stevia and the like, so when I make mine, I ignore the sugar ingredient (if listed) and just let the fruit do their thing.  If I do use sugar, I use raw brown sugar sparingly.  Another tip: don’t skimp on substituting some veggies when you redo these.  All fruit and no veggies make us not very balanced ladies.  😀

Here’s to staying deliciously cool!