Body Butter: Part Deux


  • 1 cup solid raw cocoa butter & shea butter
  • 1/4 cup of jojoba oil
  • 1/4 sweet almond oil
  • Dark chocolate fragrance oil


  1. Melt shea & cocoa butter and jojoba mixture in double boiler or make-shift boiler if you don’t have one.
  2. Melting process started.
  3. Almost melted.
  4. Completely melted.  Add the sweet almond oil and any essential fragrance oils chosen — make sure the essential oils are skin safe, since not all of them are.  I used a Dark Chocolate flavor.  Yum, yum.
  5. Allow the mixture to cool.  I put mine in the freezer for 20 mins. or so until a hard crust builds on the top of the mixture.
  6. Use hand mixture or KitchenAid mixer and whip until the mixture is firm and mousse like.
  7. Use lightly — feel decadent!!!!!

Goal: to get to the point of the perfect mixture.  In comparison to the batch I made here, it’s firmer, and less oily.  Win, win!!! 😀

adapted from this recipe here