FFF: All In The Mind

I’m a firm believer in the power of the mind.  I also believe that any real positive change in negative/harmful/unhealthy habits begins in the mind; the body will only do what the mind convinces it that it can do.  No matter how many pieces of equipment a person has, no matter how many opportunities to cook healthily, exercise, move, jump, run, play, sweat.  If you think you can’t you wouldn’t, if you think you can … you will.




My next question to myself usually is, if I think I can’t then why not?  Could it be that I don’t consider myself worth the effort?  I think to myself sometimes, if I had a family, as loving wife and mother I would:

  • NOT leave my baby in front of the T.V.  all the time
  • NOT model to my family that stress is best relieved by cake and ice-cream
  • NOT ignore the value of getting outdoors
  • NOT negate the benefits of exercise
  • NOT feed my family chocolate for breakfast, chips for lunch then wine for dinner

If I’d do that for them, why can’t I do that for myself.  Is because I don’t think I’m worth the effort or is it just laziness?

As I take on this new adventure of becoming as healthy as it is in my power to become, I need to answer those questions.  I need to look honestly and thoughtfully at what my answers are then re-train my mind if my answers undervalue my worth.

What about you?  Where does your journey begin?  Are you worth it?