39/52 — The “Going Back To What Works” Edition

Feels good going back to what works for me.

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The Cure for Grey Days

Since Summer 2012, the weather in my neck of the woods has not been predictable.  Hurricane Sandy, a snow storm in October and lots and lots of rainy days.  Some days I feel like I live in Seattle!!!!!   This winter is no exception.  It’s been exceptionally warm; who ever heard of opening all the windows in the middle of winter?   That is not typical of winter, but I’ve been able to do so on many days including today.  So what’s a girl to do with all this fog, rain and grey?  

Lemme show you what I do:


on grey, foggy days


a bowl of chicken soup

Lunch Soft

or some honey paprika chicken, celery and roasted sweet potato

Candle Joy

a favourite candle burning


and a $1.99 classic book find from the thrift store

are the things I use to cure the grey day blues.  😀

How do you cope with these grey days of winter?