Hard To Get Back To Normal …

The events of murder and racial unrest in America last week have left me raw, hurt, frustrated, despairing, angry but mostly, very afraid.  To see the country split and polarized by these events, to see some of the population totally unfeeling where some deaths are concerned but rallying incredibly around others is hurtful and scary.  Right now, I need to clear my head.  Right now it’s hard to get back to normal so I’m stepping away a bit.  I need to get out of the head-space I’m in, see you when I do.

  • RIP: Alton Sterling
  • RIP: Philando Castile
  • RIP: Patrick Zamarripa
  • RIP: Brent Thompson
  • RIP: Michael Krol
  • RIP: Michael Smith
  • RIP: Lorne Ahrens

I pray for those left behind.  I pray for that traumatized 4 year old daughter who saw her father shot in front of her but didn’t quite get how her life was going to change.  I pray for Alton Sterling’s 15 year old son who wept bitterly for his dad.  I pray for all the children of the deceased officers, all now fatherless in an angry, hateful, scary world.  I pray that this next generation can work towards peace and respect for peoples of all colours and not let these incidents reduce them to agents of retaliation and hate, cause right now, we’re doing a piss-poor job.