There Must Be ….

little paper fairies coming out once the lights are out at night and breeding — yes … I said breeding (insert super attitude here 🙄 ) — exorbitant masses of paper I wouldn’t remember getting.  Of course I wouldn’t remember because they do it!!!!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!  😛

Last year, despite my best efforts, after shredding, I had 7 … yes 7 bags of shredded paper.  The task took me 2 days to complete and I just don’t understand why I’m back at this again. 

Little receipts, post-it notes, school crap, patterns, recipes, bills, junk mail, magazines, some stuff I don’t even know what they are … an entire shopping bag of this stuff!!!!!  Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!  Stuff I want to save, stuff I want to toss … all mixed up together. 

That bag has to be one of my dirty little secrets because I’m for the most part — VERY organized.   Don’t ask my mom what she thinks about the organization in my fridge and freezer … she thinks I have OCD because it’s so organized.  Her thing is if I get married, my fridge organization will be the source of divorce.  LOLOL!!!  In her mind, NOONE else can clean,  organize and maintain the clean in my fridge like me,  not even her.  LOLOL!!!!  But I’m not paying that lady no attention!  (Love you Kathey)  😛    This bag, on the other hand, would suggest that she’s lost her mind regarding her assessment of my organization skills. 

Right now, my living room floor and my sofa are both covered in paper.  If y’all don’t hear from me in a few days … this is what happened:


Death to the paper fairies!!!!!!!!