Natural hair timeline:

  • Hair journey — loose hair Phase I —  started: July 1st 2002
  • Loc journey started: Sept 1st 2009
  • Loose hair Phase II: March 17th 2013

After 3.5 years of locs, I have my chunky fro back.  I took them down primarily because I was having some hairline issues (caused by stress),  but I’m not going to lie, I wanted a change — for many reasons.  It took me 7 weeks to take down 132 locs.  If I ever loc my hair again, then wanted to get rid of them, I’d cut them off.  This time around, I just didn’t want to start my second loose hair journey with a very short fro.  But with 2 bouts of a cold virus in between the take down and an actual take down time of one loc being 30 – 45 mins, I will NEVER go this route again. 

But for now, it’s done — as at 4 mins ago.  Time to rock the fro again!  I can’t wait to wash my hair tomorrow.   I figure, if I want the look of locs again, I can always do individual braids to mimic the look.

It took copious amounts of conditioner, a rat-tail comb, a crochet hook and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of patience.  I trimmed my hair as I went along so I shouldn’t have too much of that to do tomorrow.

Locs were convenient in the sense that I could style them then leave them alone.  Loose natural hair as abundant as mine is another animal.  After not messing with loose hair for so long, I have to get back to the every day care of it that I didn’t have to deal with while having locs.  I already went ahead and bought my staples:

All from my favourite natural hair product vendor: Oyin Handmade.   I got:

  • Shine and Define — a styling creme
  • Honey Hemp — a conditioner.  I’m going to use this in addition to Jane Carter’s Conditioning Shampoo.
  • Greg Juice — a leave in conditioner that I can also use as a daily spritz.

With natural hair, I believe less is more and I also believe in using the most natural ingredients I could find.  My hair loved these in the past so I figured I’d start with what I know.  

It’ll be an interesting to see the reactions of my co-workers on Tuesday when I do go back to work.