Of Plans, Old & New …

If you’ve been reading this blog, even from time to time, you’ll know already that this year has been an immense year of change for me.  Some of it good, a lot of it negative.  But even with the negative there’s some lesson to be learned, light shed on habits needing to be changed, the revelation of unexpected blessings and support from corners previously unknown.

Before I say goodbye to the old, I like to take a look back at the life goals I’d set and see where there was success and failure.  As I looked through my word for the year post (2014), I realised that despite the year’s challenges, I did pretty well with moderating my life.   The two things I have to continue to work on are: eating better and moderating my online time.   But other than those, all the other goals were successful.

Since my blog’s tagline is “Intertwined: Craft & Life”, it would be remiss of me to not say something about my craft journey this year.  Craft-wise, this year has been beyond my expectation.  I did cabling, fair isle colour-work, slip stitch colour-work, weaving, folk-art weaving, my mood blanket (with the millions of ends to weave in it’s not ready to be shown but it’s done!!!), drop spindling and natural dyeing. I learned 3 ways to steek a knit project and even my crochet game went beyond a granny square.  😀

If I had to name it, I would name this crafting year — The Year Of Technique.   As my British cousins would say, I’m pretty “chuffed” at the level of learning and crafting this year brought.  As the new year approaches, I’ve already started setting some goals one of which is to make 2015 my year of colour-work.  There’s something about it that draws me and my goal is to really work hard at it for the new year.   Projects like

pattern and image: Ramona by Julie Mueller

pattern and image: Winter Flowers Hat by Phazelia

pattern and image: Michaelas Pot Holders by Mors Lilla Ylle

keep calling me like a siren so I’m answering.  Another goal is to work on my finishing techniques and a cute but “concentration required” project like

pattern and image: Bunny Girl by Julie Williams

should help me with that in addition to giving me a ridiculously adorable end product.  Did you know that all these pieces are knit flat then seamed?  It’s hard to tell right?!!! Julie’s finishing technique is fantastic and my goal is to become as proficient.  Re-acquainting myself with my spinning wheel, some cross-stitching, embroidery, sewing, crochet and stash-diving are all on the agenda.  And about stash-diving … I’m back at it!  I have a decent yarn stash and I need to use it.  By Friday, I’ll be 30 days into shopping my yarn stash only and 75 days shopping my fiber stash only.

The events of the year have cemented some life and craft ideals for me and although some of those events I wish I’d never have to deal with, now or ever,  I’m grateful for the lessons learned and am beyond hopeful (albeit a little weary) moving into 2015.


This Week …

It’s feels strange not to be doing my 52 weeks of blessings post, especially when my heart is saying that I should continue.  I’m still going back and forth but in the meantime, here’s some stuff that made me happy this week:

  • Rainy days which make for perfect crafting days.
  • A surprise in the mail from my online buddy Lauren.  I’m sure all the crafters reading this can attest to how great it feels having someone send you a hand knit!  It’s soft, delectable and I absolutely love it!!!
  • Got ready for the return of Downton Abbey with homemade scones.  Best ones I’ve made ever!!!!  And of course, there was tea!!!!
  • My new W.I.P basket.  The message on the front of it makes it even more special to me since crafting really does make me happy.
  • Hearing from my Dr. that my blood sugar is back to normal.  I’m not pre-diabetic anymore.  In another six months, I can come off meds.  Thank God for that!

Rainy Days Surprise II SurpriseDownton AbbeyHappy, Happy, Joy, Joy