Kitchen Tales: A Quick Fix

Sometimes even the most creative cook has trouble coming up with a meal that’s super, speedy quick and nutritious at the same time.   In watching what I eat, I have to make sure that even my desserts fit the quick and nutritious bill.   Friday I needed a q&n meal from the ingredients I had on hand (didn’t grocery shop yet) and came up with this.


  1. 10 ripped kale leaves
  2. 2 Italian spicy sausage (if you’re vegetarian, tofu can be substituted)
  3. 1 packet soy noodles
  4. chopped onion
  5. chopped green pepper


  • Cook soy noodles according to package instructions
  • Chop sausage into smaller bits and cook with chopped onions and green peppers.
  • Add kale pieces and cook with the sausage bits until the kale pieces begin to get softer.
  • Add noodles and stir into kale and sausage bits until fully mixed together.  (Not too long since you don’t want the noodles to become to rubbery)
  • Enjoy!!!!