I’m not even going to start going on about the Harry Potter House Cup on Ravelry.  Y’all already know what a Potterhead I am so let me just get to the project.

The Quidditch cup matches have been insane this term and the fourth match was a speed round.  We were given 6 projects to choose from — knit & crochet — to test our concentration and speed abilities.  First day submission equals maximum points and with all the other houses gunning for Slytherin this term (we are three in a row, Quidditch cup and House cup champions) it was all systems go on the first submission day.   This was one time I was extremely glad that I know how to knit and crochet.   My submission was this slouch:

Slytherin Girl I

Slytherin Girl III

Pattern: the Hadley Slouch and my  Ravelry notes are here.

I finished this in 2.5 hours and will definitely do it again.  My fingers were in pain from the death grip I wielded on that hook but I got it done in time!   It didn’t fit me like a slouch although it fit Ziva (my hat dummy) just like it should.  On my head with my fro unleashed, it fits like a beanie.  I think I’ll work the pattern again and add  extra rows to the body to make it more slouchy for my head/hair.

The other crafty bug that’s gotten under my skin is spinning.  My spinning wheel and I are still not talking so I’ve gone back to spinning on my spindle.  Well … as at yesterday.  I honestly think I need to sit with someone to help me with wheel spinning but the places I’ve contacted in NY regarding wheel spinning classes want upwards of $595 and I just don’t have that laying around right now.  LOLOL!  Even if I did, I still don’t think I’d want to pay that much for classes.   One woman even told me that I MUST take her studio’s spindling class before she would have me in her wheel class and that first class is upwards of $195.  Needless to say I declined because there is NO place in spinning history where spindling MUST precede wheel spinning.  NO PLACE!  Some crafters do one or the other or both, but there’s absolutely no learning “order” so I let that go too.  But I’m determined — I’m going to be on someone’s Tour De Fleece’s team in July.  So as at today, I plan to spin for 30 mins a day.  My goal is to start learning to ply by the end of the month.  Fingers crossed!  No scratch that … I’m going to do this!!!!

I posted this pic on IG but ended up changing my spindle to a Bosworth high whorl one instead of the Turkish one shown.

spindle and fiber

I also changed the fiber.  The fiber I chose initially need a shorter draw and at this point I only know how to spin using the long draw.  The spindle was a little wobbly and unbalanced but I believe it’s because I was trying to do a long draw on short staple length fiber.  The fiber kept breaking and the spindle kept crashing to the floor.  I guess they’re not named drop spindles for nothing.  I switched fibers to BFL (Blue Face Leicester) that has a long staple length making it easier for beginners to work with and I used my Bosworth which is worth every dime!!!  Good for me, one of the teams I supported at my old job gave it to me as a thank you gift on my last day before the agency closed.   Now I think I need another well balanced high whorl spindle so I could split my fiber and get to plying faster.

So there you have it.  Some of my goals for the next couple of months.   What are you planning to work on?

ETA: this post was brought to you by the letter U for Umpire: something to do with sports in my Scavenger Hunt 2015 Stashdown challenge.

For the Little Ones

I know for some, crafting started on Day 1 of 2015 but it took a few days for me to get started.  But once I did, as the kids in my neighborhood would say, “it was on and poppin’.”  To start the year, I figured a little focus on someone else would be a good way to start my crafting year.  Seems like that was everyone’s thought since charity crafting is the focus of the Ravelry’s HPKCHC Quidditch Match 1 (Winter 2015).  Out of those thoughts came these:

The Little Prince & The Little Princess


The Little Prince & The Little Princess II

Two crochet beanies to be added to some other hand-made goodies for babies dropped off or left in my local area hospital under Daniel’s Law.  No one needs to start his or her life being unloved and/or unwanted.  While the hats might not make any difference to the abandonment circumstances, my hope that in some small measure, the Little Princes and Princesses will have a better than nothing at all start with the handcrafted layettes these hats will be a part of.

  • Pattern: Newborn Hat
  • Designer: Athena De La Rosa
  • Modifications: Used aran weight yarn in order to create a larger sized hat.  Added two rounds of sc (single crochet) through the front loops to lengthen and add a decorative element to the pattern.  I also attached some iron appliques for some added panache!
  • Yarn Used: Vanna Choice in Dusty Blue and Beige.  King Cole’s Cotton DK (pink yarn)
  • My Ravelry page: The Little Prince & The Little Princess
  • Additional comments: These items have been totally crafted from my stash, including my library of patterns.  One of my crafting goals this year is to work through the entire year with my current stash and pattern library (outside of any unsolicited gifts I might receive this year).

How has your crafting year started?