The Best Kind Of Bombs

I know, I know …. bombs are supposed to be bad … right?  Well these ones aren’t!  😀

I test crocheted Heather’s Love Bombs and I can’t tell you how beautiful these bombs are.  In addition to beautiful, they’re versatile.  These bombs don’t destroy, they promote love!  How much better can they get?  Wanna see?

IMG_3277they had a bit of a regular start.  nothing to write home about, nothing to talk about …


as they stacked up … something magical started to happen …

IMG_3312they got a bit of extra dressing up … not that they need it … then it was time for action …

IMG_3328bombs away!!!!!  First up … love for an old apt complex fence …

while I was putting these up, passersby stared, but most smiled.  I think it was seeing the bust of colour on the old fence that did it.  the love bombs were working …. 😀

IMG_3333reminding passers-by that life is beautiful … no matter what …

IMG_3349then with some awesome tea, and favorite mug, they bombed some Fall reading … incognito … disguised as a book-marker …

IMG_3355then they made pretty, a co-worker’s favourite mug.  Reminding her … she’s loved …

IMG_3358and if that wasn’t enough … BOOM!!!!  they love bombed a gift  to a favourite knitter …

IMG_3369Even my yarn basket got bombed!! 😀

Do you believe me now?

See, I told you … love bombs are the best kind of bombs ever!!!!!


  • Pattern: Love Bombs (test pattern)
  • Designer: Heather Cox
  • Yarn: KP Dishie Cotton, Shine Worsted; Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton, Martha Stewart Crafts — Extra Soft Wool Blend
  • Other Comments: The pattern was well written and can be completed even by a novice crocheter as a first project.  I took less than 10 mins for each bomb.
  • Modifications: I made the cast-on and the finishing tails 6 inches and longer so I could have more options for these bombs.

When she releases the pattern, run, don’t walk to get it.  Then go spread some love!!!

9.30.2013: Edited to add: My petals are a little frillier than the designer’s.  I believe that happened because I’m a really tight crocheter so the petals were pulled in tighter on the 2nd round.

Craft Book Challenge: F.O. #1

craftbookchallengesmall button

So …. I don’t even know where to start with this entry so bear with me.  😀

So y’all know that I’m working through my already had patterns in this challenge.  My plan was to start with the Gaptastic Cowl but somewhere along the line, I stopped feeling it.  I don’t know if it was a case of  not liking the yarn colour and pattern combo.  I felt as if the seed stitch was being lost in the dark shade of the cranberry yarn I was using.   I actually was going to press forward and finish it this weekend anyway but I honestly didn’t like the way it looked.   Since the F.O. is to be a gift I really wanted to be satisfied with the project before I handed it over.   At the end of the day, I decided to frog it.  But frogging meant that I had to find a pattern in my arsenal that I could use. 

After digging through, I settled on this cowl pattern and honestly … I. LOVE. IT!!!!!!!   I saved this shorter pattern version when Stephanie released it in December 2012, but decided to modify it to make a longer version for this F.O.  (She’s since created a longer version; go to her blog — you’ll love it!!! )

Like my online buddy Andi reminded me today — knitting (and crochet) is supposed to be enjoyable and I can definitely say that I’m going to happily hand this puppy over tomorrow.  But, you’re not here only for my discourse … LOLOL … so I’m going to give you some proof of my first Craft Challenge F.O.  

The recipient requested chunky, funky, stylish, soft and squishy and this pattern/yarn combo nailed it.  ETA: Looking at the picture, it came to my mind that adapting this pattern using the Granny Square stitch might be awesome!!!!

Nikki's Cowl III


Pattern: Chunky Double Crochet Cowl

Designer: Stephanie Lau

Yarn: LionBrand Thick n Quick in Cranberry — 2.4 skeins

Avoiding a craft challenge fail: Point, set, match — Nicky!  😀

Wrapped and Ready To Go

Wrapped and ready to go!!!  😀

So … did any of you make it through the month so far working through your craft books?  I’d love to see what you did!  Post your Rav, blog or Flickr links in the comments section so I could enjoy your projects.  😀

After I weave in the ends of mine, I’m going to get ready for February!!!  Can you believe January’s almost over already?  Wow!!!