30DOC: Inspiration

Today’s the last day of what was supposed to be a month long crafting series.  I wasn’t going to do a post since I didn’t complete the series like I should have.  With my focus on Christmas knitting (baby blankets right now) and trying to work out how to use up yarn I already have instead of purchasing more to finish the projects I have in mind, I looked around for some inspiration and figured I should share that inspiration with you. 

Sometimes all you need is to look at what you have in a different light, to point you in the direction you need to go.  Sometimes, all it takes is seeing colour combinations you didn’t think of to get your creative juices flowing and today, I got mine from Design Seeds.  It’s amazing how we look at every day objects and not see the obvious and the not so obvious colour combinations in these objects, until we take a second look or until we’re guided into seeing what we overlooked.

As you craft this summer, be inspired by your everyday!!!!!

Citrus Crush

Color Locked

Cup Tones

Fading Flora

Produce Red

Color Seep

all images are owned by Design Seed