30DOC: Inspiration

Today’s the last day of what was supposed to be a month long crafting series.  I wasn’t going to do a post since I didn’t complete the series like I should have.  With my focus on Christmas knitting (baby blankets right now) and trying to work out how to use up yarn I already have instead of purchasing more to finish the projects I have in mind, I looked around for some inspiration and figured I should share that inspiration with you. 

Sometimes all you need is to look at what you have in a different light, to point you in the direction you need to go.  Sometimes, all it takes is seeing colour combinations you didn’t think of to get your creative juices flowing and today, I got mine from Design Seeds.  It’s amazing how we look at every day objects and not see the obvious and the not so obvious colour combinations in these objects, until we take a second look or until we’re guided into seeing what we overlooked.

As you craft this summer, be inspired by your everyday!!!!!

Citrus Crush

Color Locked

Cup Tones

Fading Flora

Produce Red

Color Seep

all images are owned by Design Seed

30DOC: Day 1 — Colour

I suppose I should do some kind of introduction … eek … my old English teacher would be appalled if I didn’t, so here it sorta is.  In April, I decided to do a 30 days crafting series.  The idea came as a way to motivate me to work my needles, hooks and string more often — because I like knit and crochet and as a form of relaxation.  I always plan to do stuff, start, get side-tracked by life, health and especially my job.  Since I’m typically more committed when I write things down, I wrote this down (here) and now here we are, June 1st and believe it or not, I have something.  😀   Here it is:

I come from a country, where my plant life and vegetation look like

my beaches look like this my sunset looks like this and we party like this!!!!!So it’s not hard to understand why I’m so affected by colour in my life.

As I got ready to do this post, I took a walk around my home and it’s an explosion of colour.  Everywhere!!!!!

In my kitchen

In my wardrobe

in my accessories

and in my crafting.

I know for some, colour not black, white or gray can be intimidating.  What works?  What doesn’t work?  These are two questions I get a lot.  When I colour block outfits, when I blend eyeshadow, when I pick a craft project colour palette. 

I’m not super special with any magical colour powers, it’s just that I appreciate colour in all its forms and I’m totally unafraid to try combinations that I’ve never tried before, combos that strike me on a whim.  If they don’t work, well … then they don’t.  The fun  though, is in try, try, trying again until you can scream … “winner, winner, chicken dinner”  😀 .  When a winner if found, it’s magical!!!!  And what’s not to love?!!!!  The royalty of purple, the richness of jewel tones, the crispness of white, the soothing pastels and the vibrancy of reds and oranges.  I love those and everything in between; I’m even growing to love the once dreaded pink.

For the colour fainthearted I pass along the colour wheel below.  I like that the producer of this image gives clear but concise information on how to navigate the elementary maze of colour.


(click for clearer image)

Although the information was primarily shared to help people colour-block clothes, it can be used for any project involving colour.  Since colour is everywhere … all day … every day … it can be used for everything!  Once they loosen their death grip on the fear of colour, I give them this one so they can start working with variation.

As colour relates to my crafting I operate the same way as I do with it in my everyday life — fearlessly.  I choose a project, then I find a colour that’s “givin’ me life”!   Sometimes I have to tailor that m.o. a bit.   If I’m gifting, I take the recipient’s colour preferences into consideration.  But if what he/she likes does not flatter his/her skin-tone, I ashamed to say that I sometimes try to totally ignore their wishes and use the opportunity to as a teaching moment.  That sounds arrogant, but it’s really more of a gentle prodding, an encouragement to try something new  (except when I’m dealing with Domonique and eyeshadow … long story for another time .. LOL).  

As much as some gift recipients initially hate when I do that (cough … Domo 😛 ), I’m happy to say that so far, I’ve been 100% on the money with the colour swaps I’ve made and the gifts have been utilised … to the point where I’m being asked for replacements for some.  😛   It’s not that I’m against black, white, grey or taupe, but there are so many more colours to experience — some I’m sure we haven’t yet discovered or named.  I’d dare to say that most of my “guinea pigs” had become comfortable with the lack of colour or lack of flattering colour for their skintone and were afraid to try something new.

So don’t be afraid if colour intimidates you.  Get out there!!!  Try a combo you’ve never tried before! Wear or craft with a solid you’ve never thought of trying!  It’s simply amazing to see, as I weave yarn and stick, or yarn and knitting needles and most recently, embroidery floss and tapestry needles, the finish product that emerges.  The interplay of colour and design — amazing!  Just like us, each colour is unique, individual and there’s a place in our everyday or crafting world for each of them.  Make space!

“The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color. Our entire being is nourished by it. This mystic quality of color should likewise find expression in a work of art.” ~ Hans Hofmann