Year In Review: Part I — Craft

My craft goals for the year were to:

Let’s see how I did — 😳 , 😛

I didn’t think I did as well as I actually did with Cold-sheeping.  Once I got off the sheep in May this year, it felt as if I was always off but after I checked my list, I realised that I wasn’t bad as I thought I was.  😀  As I went through the list, I actually did make some headway.  Wanna see?

  1. Catalog KP yarn stash on Ravelry by January 31, 2013. DONE!!! 12.06.2012
  2. Cold Sheeping Knitpicks for 2013. Absolutely NO yarn purchases from KP for 2013. DONE  I didn’t purchase any KP yarns this year.  Although I got some sweater quantities as a Christmas gift, my first purchase from them was some roving I bought after a year of no purchases during their week long Cyber Monday 2013 sale.
  3. Cold Sheeping includes craft book purchases.  This was partially successful.  I bought four technique books during the earlier part of the year. And for Christmas I bought Martha Stewart’s Craft Encyclopedia and the S & B Superstar from Debbie Stoller for Christmas.  6 purchases is better than the 15 I did last year!  LOLOL!
  4. Combine KP Stashdown, general Stash Knit Down & Craft Book Challenge. Done
  5. Shop KP stash for swaps in KP loving groups. If I can’t shop from my stash, then I wouldn’t participate in the swap. Done
  6. Reduce KP stash by at least 12 projects of varying sizes worth of yarn including blankets. Attempt made. 😛  I got mesmerized by other yarns and did projects with those instead.
  7. Make first sweater using KP yarn. Sweater Done (although not with KP yarn).
  8. Finish or frog languishing WIPS. Done
  9. Start Christmas 2013 gifts using KP yarns early.  No yarny Christmas gifts made this year.
  10. For larger stashdown goal: Catalog all yarns by January 31, 2013. DONE! 12.29.2012! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!
  11. Browse Ravelry and blogs less, craft more! — Total Failure.  LOLOL!  Am I the only one with this problem?   Although I was introduced to some wonderful crafters, I really need to cut down my online time for 2014!

All in all, I think I did pretty well.  Where the Craft Book Challenge is concerned, I totally rocked that!!!!  I even managed to do some non yarny crafting from DIY instructables that I’d save a long time ago!!!  Winner!  I’ll to a collage in another day or two  — once I can access my photos again … oh boy! 😀  And I’ll also post my 2014 crafting goals.  My Coldsheeping page has already been updated with the next year’s goals.  Some are the same, others a little different.  I’m really looking forward to another year of Coldsheeping — maybe this year, I’ll earn my Golden One Year badge.  I so much yarn already, there’s no reason I shouldn’t aim for this.

I’m so ready to start my 2014 crafting.  For the new year, I want to test my skill-set, enhance my skill-set, craft more and continue to use the resources I already have while continuing to enjoy creating with my hands.

Have you done your crafting goals / resolutions yet? 😀    Or rather, I should probably ask, will you be making any crafting  goals / resolutions?

ColdSheeping Update!

Welp … after five months of holding on tight … this happened to me on the weekend:


No … it didn’t take anything as fantastic as the Maryland Wool & Sheep festival held this past weekend.  All it took was a trip to my bff’s house.

I was working on my 5 Hour Boy’s Sweater yesterday; relaxing from a hard day’s work the day before.  Y’all don’t think corralling 5 six year old girl rock stars is hard work?  Trust me … it is!  LOLOL!  My god-daughter celebrated her birthday on May 2nd, and a :rock star party and movie night with her friends (on Saturday) had me at their house in PA for the weekend.  Pictures from that coming soon but in the meantime let me get back to busting my behind off the sheep!  LOLOL!

So I’m working on the 5 Hour Sweater and my bff (sewist magnifique) wandered over to look at what I was doing.  The conversation then went on as follows:

A: Ooooh … nice work Aunty!

Me: grins … thanks.  😀

A: you crochet too right?

Me: Err … a little bit ..

A: Hmmmm … you know what would be better than the “man Barbies” (that’s what my baby boo calls the Ken doll) you got for your boo’s birthday?

Me: (looking worried now) … errr … what?

A: a crochet doll with hair like hers … made just for her by Aunty.  *huge grin*.  I’m jus’ sayin’ …

Me: smirk … whatever man!  I know you’re setting me up!

A: But you love your boo … I’m just sayin’ … 😛  *insert fake sad face*   It’ll be so much nicer than a store bought doll ….

The fat lady sung. Aunty took up the challenge and fell off her sheep.  I wouldn’t bore you with the details of the design we came up with … I’ll just have to get it done.  For my little rock-star.  My sweet baby who’s kind to those who are mean to her.  Who’s sensitive and still loves hugs, kisses and Aunty time.

How could I have resisted them both for a milestone like not purchasing yarn in a year?  No gold badge is worth the look on her face when she gets it or being guilt played by my bff of twenty six years.

I love those two.

The end …