Kitchen Tales: Welp … I did say I was going to make Bread …


And I did!  Just not the traditional whole wheat bread I wanted to. 

I’ve made petit loaves of basil and red pepper bread.  It’s really a muffin recipe but I baked the mixture in my Wilton’s petit loaf pan making it bread in my opinion.  😛  They taste good on their own, but they’ll be great with tuna fish.  I can have them for breakfast or as a snack.  They also freeze well which is a huge plus given how little time I have during the week to make a bunch of different foods.

Then I made the bessssssssssssst banana bread I’ve made.  Non-dairy — yes mi gyals — no eggs but ridiculously moist.  🙂    Maybe I’ll tackle the traditional loaf next week.

My “Kitchen Tales” ended today with grilled chicken tenders and roasted asparagus.

Did you all make anything good this weekend?