Progress … of sorts …

One day last week when I could actually lift my arm to craft (LOLOL!), I finished the second repeat of my Kidsilk Haze Shawl then added five more rows. It’s not that much further along than the last time you saw it but hey … progress is progress!  Am I right or am I right?  😛

I think I’m going to take this on my upcoming trip to SC with my cousin.  It’ll freak her out that I’m knitting in public, but I don’t care.  #teampublicknitters  😀

IMG_3102Crafting wasn’t a total bust this week; on Friday night my “movie” was the first three modules of Abby Franquemont’s “Respect The Spindle” dvd.  I’ve had this since Cyber Monday 2012; got it during the Knit Picks sale.  I’ve looked at other videos via U-tube and Craftsy but this one is definitely the best instructional video I’ve seen.  It makes the stuff I read in her book so much clearer.  My goal is to work at my spindling again this week (I’m going to work at it tmw after work until it’s bedtime) then 45 mins every day before Friday.  Hmmmm …  maybe I can take my spindle to SC also.  💡

Hope you all got to work on your crafting more than I did last week!