Fruits of My Labor

A stay-cation that turned out to be very stressful.Β  Choosing to not let the stress render me helpless resulted in these babies:

No Show Workmen

Semi solid purple, variegated colourway, solid dark grey.

It felt good to be back to my dye-pots.




  1. Sorrry about the stress…seems that you managed it well, though. Those are beautiful yarns, Nicky. Breath, smell the flowers, take care of yourself–don’t wait for tomorrow. Do it now! xoxo

    1. Yes maam! I followed your advice and I did take care of myself. Been trying to do it every day since then. Makes for a wonderful change in attitude and perspective.

      Thank you ❀

    1. πŸ˜€

      Yes! I know you would! Can you believe, variegated is my least favorite dye technique? I know, I know … don’t unfriend me … LOLOL!

  2. Yes…that purple is ‘golden’. I wish I could output some magicalness on my stressful days. Thanks goodness for crafty indulgences.

    1. Thank you so much Sam! I think my dyeing sweet spot is doing semi-solid colourways. So far, I’ve not had any misses with the colorways I’ve dyed.

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