Rolags, Christmas & Frasier

Rainy days, tea, a Frasier marathon, rolags, fauxlags and my spindle Ebony = a perfect Sunday.  I’m still working on my breed study but since I don’t have two wheels (Santa did you hear that) and the breed study fiber is still on my wheel, I’m going to spindle spin these rolags & fauxlags I made so I can make Christmas ornaments for my tree.  Yes I said Christmas and don’t tell me it’s too early to start cause I’m a super slow crafter!  😛

My goal is all handmade ornaments this Christmas.

It’s been a while since I touched my spindles, but it’s really like riding a bike and I love the portability of using spindles.   I’ll be out of town next weekend for my god-daughter’s birthday sleep-over and  having the spindle means that I still get to spin.


I’m going to get offline now — homemade quinoa patties and lunch are calling me.  😀

Here’s wishing everyone the best of Sundays and a great week ahead.




  1. What a blissful weekend! You are very smart to start Christmas preparations early – I try to make ornaments every year and always run out of time!

  2. Sounds like you know how to relax and enjoy a rainy day 🙂 My spindle and I do not get along that well. Truth is I was so eager to spin on a wheel that I didn’t pay the attention it deserved. Having two wheels feels good…just saying in case Santa reads the comments!

  3. This just reminded me how I’m supposed to learn how to spin. Oops! But question, what’s the difference between spindle and wheel spinning in terms of outcome? Is the wheel more refined?

    1. Syd … just jump in where you feel comfortable. I learned on a spindle but I didn’t really give it a fair shake … I got a wheel not too long after that.

      You can get any yarn from any of these mediums. There are some spindle spinners I can’t touch with my wheel spun yarn. The key to any kind of yarn is practice and consistency. If you’re doing it every day, the wheel might be faster but again, some spindlers are just boss and can take us wheel spinners and throw us to the the mat! LOLOL!

      All that to say, whatever you put in with any of these mediums is what you’ll get out. Daily practice, constant learning and mastering the basics of whatever tool you use will will give you lovely yarn. I have a few beginner spindles, let me know if you want to try and I’ll send you some with fiber. DM me your address on IG.

      1. Just seeing this. You are so generous! I’m sending you a message, but I would really love to send you some waist beads too

    1. I’m narrowing down what I want to make because some of them are soooooooo cute, I want to make all the things! I think I’m going to start with the ornaments from a Posie Gets Cozy set I got a few years ago, then add some made with the handspun yarn.

      As for those quinoa patties … they didn’t last too long! LOLOL!

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