Bloggie Housekeeping


Well I finally got it!!!!

For the last 3 years I’ve been waiting for the domain name to become available.  Someone had it (although it was not a public blog) so every time I tried to get it … I got a “not available for registration” message.  Whomp, whomp!

But today … I tried on a whim and BOOM! — I got it!

Please update your links to to keep up with my shenanigans.  My old url www. will direct you to the new domain name, but I just love that I get to tell you all that I’m now!  LOLOL!  😀



    1. Yessssss! I’m so easy! It really is the little things 😀

      The name is very significant to me — it’s a letter from each of my parents names, one from mine and one each from my brothers. Five of us make up D’NALI so I feel like I got a present today! 😀

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