It’s hard to put into words what my word for 2014 means.  It’s been on my heart for months and although it’s been my constant companion for so long, it’s still hard to articulate what it means and what I want it to mean in 2014.   That word is: moderation.

By definition, it means:

noun: moderation

the avoidance of excess or extremes

Synonyms like self-discipline, self-restraint, self-command, temperance, all come with the definition.

For me, 2014 is about seeing what practicing it will add to my life.  The point is not martyr-like self-deprivation — it’s intentional focus.

For instance:

  • moderating what I put in my mouth = a healthier me.
  • moderating my time = more opportunities to worship with my church family, have my devotional times and serve my community (through volunteerism).
  • moderating my time = more intentional downtime for me.
  • moderating my finances = more resources for moving to a new place to live, travel and necessary purchases.
  • moderating my yarn purchases = more opportunities to become creative with my current, very obese stash.
  • moderating my online time = more time to re-discover my family, real-life friends and my city.
  • moderating my online time = more crafting, cooking, exercising and reading time.
  • moderating my relationships = the opportunity to purge people who do not add positively to my life while openly showing appreciation for those who do.
  • moderating what I take personally at work = a less stressed me.
  • moderation = a more balanced me


See what I’m saying?

Sometimes moderation seems like a ban, a limitation, a punishment (yarn diet anyone? 😀 )  but it’s not.  All it is, is another chance to make some self assessment, focus on what / who is important while reminding ourselves that we’re worth the effort.  For me it’s an opportunity to develop patience (while waiting for answers), an opportunity to continue to pursue contentment, an opportunity to develop my creative skill set, an opportunity to live intentionally and an opportunity to continue to work on becoming the woman I see in my mind’s eye.

Here’s to a moderated 2014!

Happy New Year!!!!!!



  1. Happy New Year! I paused and thought about what a great word ‘moderation’ is and what a wonderful way to live in this present age where excess is the norm. I’ll be bookmarking this post so that I can read it often. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  2. What an awesome post. This is very good start to the year and I think I will try to also adopt some of these ideas into my year. You continue to be an inspiration and source of positive things in my life. I am rooting for your success.

  3. Moderation for me is about keeping balance, like the woman in the picture. No need to deprive yourself, but at the same time, stay focused on the ultimate goal.

    We’re gonna do a lot this year. I think 2014 better get ready for us, LOL

    1. Moderation with discipline will free us up to grow and learn where we need to.

      Truth!!! Love this!! I couldn’t have said it better. Totally in agreement. 😀

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