This week … another mixed bag.  My strongest supporter at my current job has left, my auntie Shirley had a stroke, my mother’s being run ragged by my aunt’s children, I had a stinking sinus infection, I was tired of it, and I’m just tired.  But today’s reflection on the week reminded me that there were still blessings and things I can be grateful for.  This week:

  • I am grateful for the break in the humid, uncomfortable weather.  It’s beginning to feel like Fall and I love it!
  • I’m grateful that my aunt’s stroke has not left her paralyzed, unable to speak or cause her to lose any of her mental faculties.  I thank God in the biggest way for that.
  • I’m grateful that my Dr. was able to give me meds for my sinus infection.  I’m beginning to feel better and my discomfort has been totally eliminated!
  • I’m grateful for this object lesson:  I put my basil in water (not dirt) and it sprouted flowers.  It was a reminder that even in unfamiliar, abnormal circumstances, I can thrive if I make up my mind to. IMG_3203
  • I was looking for butterfly decals for a D.I.Y project and found options that were $25.00 and up.  Errrrrr no!!!  Went to the Dollar store in my work neighbourhood and found some for .99c.  Now that’s what I call a blessing! IMG_3209
  • I was grateful for fall weather.  Fall weather = comfort food for me.  So it was on for my crock-pot and some chili was in order!!! IMG_3190

Hope you each had a great week and cheers for a wonderful upcoming week!  😀



  1. As always you keep reminding me to look through the negative straight to the positive. Forever hoping next week will be better for you then the last. -Nizzy

    and p.s. although pretty, clip those flowers on the basil. I heard it diminishes the flavor because all the plant’s energy is devoted to producing flowers. One day I’m going to let one flower all the way so I can enjoy the view.

    1. Thanks for the tip re the flowers. I’d never seen that happen before.

      If i don’t look for the positive, I’ll cry …. alllllll the time!!! LOLOL! 😀

  2. You had some major downs this week, but good for you still being able to find some positives. I pray for a speedy recovery for your aunt.
    Blessings 🙂

    1. Thanks Asha! Life can be tough for all of us sometimes but I really do believe that our lives take the direction of our attitude.

      I appreciate you and our friendship. Love you lots too! ♥

    1. Don’t be fooled Hannah, I have to work hard at it too. Sometimes what I’m grateful for comes to me after I’ve had a meltdown! LOLOL!

      Doing this project (52 weeks of blessings) really helps me to focus on what’s good.

      Don’t you just love the design on that crock-pot! So pretty! 😀

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