Although I was off-line for three weeks, I was still recording my blessings/reasons to be thankful.  This post is a three-fer so I can catch up documenting online:


  • Got permission from supervisor to have a co-worker use the company van to help me get some boxes.
  • Early morning text message from my friend Lisa. :heart:
  • Co-workers got together to help me search for a new place to live.  Thanks Mar, Tra, Tam, Chr  :more hearts:
  • Chr drove me around to apt showings
  • My aunt putting aside her plans to come to showings with me.
  • Management company had no issue with me using my deposit as last month’s rent.  Said I was a great tenant
  • Death to remaining cc debt!!!  FREEDOM!!!!   No!  I will NOT curb my enthusiasm about this!  Even Kermit is excited for me!  😀


  Next up that albatross Sallie Mae!!!! 😛

  • Lesson learned: move postponed.  Hard to hear but got grace to deal with that response.



  • Management company to redo entire current unit!  Thank the Lord!


  • Random notes of encouragement from Lau who had no idea I was dealing with an issue.
  • Constant encouragement from Kathey.
  • Beginning to feel better about situation; urge to craft is STRONG!!!  😀
  • Made YOP (Year of Projects) craft list.  Focused on completing projects that I’ve not yet done.  Socks, lace shawl, adult garments plus some patterns that I just like.
  • Five year work project (plan document) in final stages of completion!  Wooooohooooo!
  • Co-worker had no problem taking boxes back now that I’m not moving anymore.
  • Continued to purge and pack smaller items not currently in use now that I’m no longer moving.  Found a garbage bag of KP yarn!  Good God Almighty!  Didn’t think it was possible to hide yarn in my small apt.  I found Dishie, loose Palette balls, East Meets West kit, and sock yarn!  And not a small amount, I’m talking 40+ balls (the kit alone has 20)!!!  :8  Cold sheeping efforts magnified.  It was a fun find but now I have to store and use it!!!
  • Crafting supplies purged and donated!


  • Compliments from random strangers about my outfit and hair on day of Dr’s visit.  😀
  • Being able to hire temp when Benefits Assistant goes on maternity leave.
  • Vacation starting 6.25 until July 1st!!!!   I’ll be cleaning the apt due to the reno but it’s awesome just to be able to get away from work for a few days.
  • Swap box from MicStuey!  Awesomeness magnified.  Austenian stitch markers to commemorate my favourite Jane Austen book/movie — Pride and Prejudice.  I love swaps!!!
  • Early morning inspiration from the early morning wake-up radio show — The Steve Harvey show!

What do you want more?  Do you want to do what you want to do or do you want to do what’s right for you?

I was thinking about this quote for the rest of the week!!!!  Tough question but honest introspection and change because of it is worth the effort!  Who knew Steve Harvey could be so profound?  LOLOL!

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