Picture Life: June 2013

June Collage1

click for larger view of image

From L to R to L to R:

  • Swap booty: Felici sock yarn: Tyrian Purple,  Plymouth Yarn, and Billow in Sagebrush
  • Packing
  • Trader Joe’s Spinach Pizza … awesome magnified!!!
  • Me, Jane and Martina.  Midnight knitting!  Had enough packing. 😛
  • More swap booty: what’s more English than tea and scones?  😛
  • Rainy days in my favourite colour.  Purple!!
  • More packing!
  • Pre paper ripping.  Swap booty!
  • Back to Home Depot.
  • My new pretty: Owl candle-holder.
  • Craft book challenge: Elizabethan doilies in fabric paint
  • Yarn booty!  Reason one million for not buying more yarn.  Found a garbage bag of yarn that I thought contained fabric.  Yay for pretty colours!  Boo hiss to store and stash down!  😛

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