10/52: Blessings

I’m just going to skip commentary this week because while the beginning started well, the end wasn’t so great at all. 

Blessings this week:

  • Words of Wisdom that really hit home.  It is a great reminder of why I should continue to do my blessings posts.


  • Life lessons that reminded me that when life gives you lemons, you really should make lemonade (and continue to pray).
  • Having the skill-set and know how to take down my dread-locs by myself.  It’s taking long (hence the lack of crafty posting) but being able to do it saved me from paying a salon between $200.00 — $500.00 dollars.  I thought I’d be done this weekend but events at the end of the week ate into my take down time so I’ll be rocking the vagrant look this week as well.  At least I’m on the home stretch, almost done!
  • A love package on the way from my mom.  In it is home-made black cake and W.I fudge.  Yummsers!!!! I can’t wait to get it!  😀  And by the way … my momma’s cake is the best ever!!!  Just sayin’ 😛  It’s usually a Christmas treat but since I need some home loving, she sent me one via my cousin.    The fudge is being made by a family friend and I love that she’s added peanuts to mine.   Just the way I like it! 😀



Hope you all had a wonderful week!



    1. Yeah. 😦 I’m having some hairline issues (mostly because of stress) but it’s primarily because I wanted a change. I’m sure I’ll be back to them at some point in the future, but for now, it’s back to my chunky fro.

        1. Natural is all I’ll ever be honey!

          Now that I’m on the home stretch, my hairline issues are even more obvious. 😦 All from stress. I need to really check myself … seriously. 😦

  1. Sorry you have had a tough week. I always think of a line I heard once: ‘in time, this too shall pass’. I think on that when times are difficult. And you have delicious snacks to feast on as that time passes 🙂 what a dear loving mother. Xxx

    1. I will; I can’t wait to pick it up from my cousin. 😀

      This week started poorly but today’s only Tuesday … I’m still hopeful for an upswing. 😀

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