I couldn’t have said this better!!! Love it all — so practical, so applicable, so real!

Heather L Cox

Huzzah! Today is {I Love Yarn Day} according to Yarn Council of America. I really do love yarn. A lot of my happiest memories involve yarn in some way or another. And my relationship with it has lasted so much longer than any of my romantic relationships, because it’s always happy to see me, it never disrespects me, and it doesn’t care how freaky  my hair looks in the morning.  Also, I’m pretty sure that learning to knit and crochet has made me the wise and Yoda-like person I am today. It taught me:

10.  Patience.

9.  That if you can knit mohair lace or crochet a wire necklace without losing your sanity, you can also handle the challenging situations life throws at you.

8.  Some people really love to untangle stuff. Find them and give them your yarn tangles. Or your deep dark traumas and thorniest problems. You…

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