Season 14: Dr. Who Scarf

I got problems — I should admit to that!!!  I don’t understand why I keep picking these projects that are so time intensive.  Now to my already long W.I.P. list, I’m now on the Whovian band wagon.  Yes ma’am … 😀   To tell the truth, I’m not a follower of the show, but I love, love, love the scarves.  This project will fit the bill when I need some mindless knitting since it’s all garter stitch.

I call mine “Who’s Cousin” since I’m not sure if I’m going to do mine as long as the Season 14 original.

I got my yarn loot for the project; I’m ready to rock!!!!  😀



  1. Holy cow that’s a lot of stockinette! Better have a Dr.Who marathon session so you can knit the scarf while watching the show.

  2. *drool* the Doctor Who scarf. I’m a fan of both the scarf and the show, but I’m not current with it. This looks like a great project for me to knit and catch up with the show. -Nizzy

  3. Problem? I don’t think that’s a problem. Let’s look at it as…ambition. You’re ambitious. And no one ever looked at an ambitious person and said it was a bad thing. We ambitious people should stick together….and knit all the things 🙂

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