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Babajezas Wundertüte

I’ve been bitten by a crochet bug. I can not stop crocheting although there is no way to finish the swap blanket, because I’m still waiting for my last square to arrive. I so want to make the border and finish the blanket. Furthermore, the leftover yarn in the box spoke to me: “Don’t put us away, please! We are not ready to hibernate in the attic.” You see I had to start another project eventhough the swing socks are still on the needles. As I’m back at school (I actually was a bit disoriented on Monday and couldn’t even remember the passwort of the printer and computer), I needed something easy to relax. I rembered a beautiful blanket I had seen at Tami’s last Friday and … here it is. 144 squares made of 15 different colours.

Am letzten Sonntag hat mich der Häkelvirus erwischt. Und obwohl ich…

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