30DOC: Photo-shoot

If you’ve read this blog within the last couple of months, you will know that in addition to puttering around and improving my craftiness, I’ve also been trying to improve my photography.  I started this series a couple months ago and have been paying attention to print and online images that I like the composition of.  I’ve also been visiting some photo blogs here (where I got the 30 days to improve series from) and this one.

I’m going to blushingly admit that there’s been some change in my picture taking.  I’m seeing things differently and I’ve been a little more adventurous (aka ignoring motorists who’ve yelled out and asked why I was taking pictures of the fence and the tree in front of my apt complex).  😀  I’ve also been taking advantage of the outside light instead of trying to create shots only in my apt.  My camera settings are not so foreign to me now and the more intuitive ones have been put to use without my having to refer so often to the manual.

Knitpicks recently had a sale and I went batcrap crazy!!!!  Yarn diet …err … what’s that?  Everything went out of the window and I got some fingering yarn (gotta get over my fear of lace) and sock yarn (le sigh … one day this wouldn’t frighten me so much).  So today, with the beautiful weather outside, I set up a make-shift studio on my fire escape.  😀    If you look at the pictures closely enough, you’ll see the fire escape bars showing through the image.  I’m going to play around with using some denim or some dark fabric before I lay out my white board. 

Despite that, I like the pictures I got from the photo-shoot.

Gloss Fingering in Guava

Felici sock yarn in Aquarium, Tiki and Tyrian Purple

Gloss Fingering in Masala and Doe

Chroma Fingering in New England (Discontinued)

Stroll Fingering in Scarlet and Ash

The Ridiculous Haul

(what?!!!!  Some people haul clothes and shoes, I now haul yarn) 😛

My Trunk of Gold!!!!

My camera worked hard today!!!!  We went up on chairs, balanced on my shaky ottoman,  hung out the window through my safety bars and we had to contend with the wind but things went well!!!  😀  Right now, I only have a point and shoot digital but I’m going to use it until there’s nothing else I can learn about it.  Then I probably upgrade to a DSLR camera.   Right now … Kandy’s going to be enough!!!  😀

I used the popular “instagramish”, 1960’s filter that’s around these days on pictures 2 – 6 and on the collage.  The first shot is as is from the camera and I’m glad I can control my shake (I hold my breath) and capture clearer details than I did before without using zoom or macro.   I know I’ve improved when I look at the Felici shot and the shot of the red yarn.  The red captured is exactly what it looks like in real life and I feel like I can knit the Felici yarn through the screen with the image being so clear.  The last shot is my favourite!!!  I played around with exposure and sharpness in the Picasa photo editing app.  It’s not perfect but I really like the resulting shot!!!

How about you, did any fun picture taking recently?

All images in this post are owned & copyrighted by Dnali (aka Nicolette B.)

4 thoughts on “30DOC: Photo-shoot

  1. Creatively Motivated June 26, 2012 / 7:19 pm

    Great shot of the “Trunk of Gold”. Makes me want to go out and get some new yarn!

    • Nicky June 30, 2012 / 6:34 pm

      Thanks Nizzy. If it makes you want to do that, then I guess I did alright! LOLOL!!! 😀

  2. autumngeisha June 23, 2012 / 9:25 pm

    Love the yarn haul and all of your gorgeous pictures of it, especially that trunk of gold! I have never shown much of an interest in photography until I started blogging. Now taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do. Although I am still a bit shy about taking pictures of things in public 🙂

    • Nicky June 24, 2012 / 8:20 am

      I’ve always been interested but didn’t have the courage to try. Now that I blog, I figured I should try at least to take some decent pictures and not keep my camera like a relic in a museum. 😀

      I was super self-conscious the first time I went outside, I still am :blush: but I think getting over that is worth it if the result is better picture taking.

      The ‘Trunk of Gold” was such an accident. I wanted to use a vase but they all couldn’t fit through the safety bars on my window. LOLOL.

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