Introducing Candace and Dolores

I started the Dolores Park cowl in January this year.  It got laid by the wayside but I was determined to finish it this weekend.  And I love it!!!  It’s simple, the pattern was well-written and turned out to be very chic.

A few days after I started Dolores, I went to Homegoods (love this store!!! ) and found Candace.  I thought she’d be a great addition to showcase my knitted and crochet wearable items and I was right.  I loved her Parisienne print and while I was debating if I should bring her home I got into conversation with an older Polish woman about sewing and crafting.  Nothing like crafty related goods to start up a conversation!!!

So here’s Candace and Dolores! 🙂

Project Details:

I used almost all of the yardage on this project and although one of my make 1 increases didn’t twist like it should, I still call this project a win!!!!! 🙂  It’s one of my YOP (Year of Projects) 2012 list; it’s good to be able to cross another one off.  🙂



    1. Thanks Lady. 🙂 I went back and forth so many times in the store wondering if I should bring her home (I think I have a lot of stuff too), but the Polish lady said to me “you named her already, you can’t leave her in this store”. 🙂 That pretty much sealed the deal.

      You really should get one. Yes, I’m enabling. 😀

      1. I would love to get one! I’d name her Anne! Oh but the shipping… maybe one of these days.

        I love the color of that cowl and the drape – but them i am a neck-ware fiend! Looking forward to seeing more from your projects for the year.

        1. I know!!!! Shipping “Anne” to your neck of the woods would cost more than the price of her.

          Maybe you could see if you find one at a store going out of business that’s selling their fixtures.

          YOP projects … yes … I need to do more, I need to do more. IcanIcanIcan … 😀

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