This Week In Knit I

Since I love lists and I do them for every aspect of my life, I’m going to start doing the same for my knitting (and other crafty) endeavors as well. 

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TWIK, I’ll:

  • Start/finish my pattern bought from Dainty Loops.
  • Swatch my afghan pattern.
  • Swatch “The Hitchhiker” shawlette.
  • Finish Cinnamon’s braided ballW.I.P
  • Complete my miscellaneous DIY project.  (I already know what it will be and I can’t wait to get it done.)  W.I.P
  • Pick up some more Red Heart Super Saver Yarn at Micheal’s for Cinnamon’s other present.  (Now that my yarn sensibilities have upgraded, I wondered what that hard acrylic yarn was good for — but now I know — it’s really great for toys!!!!)
  • Budget for a cutting matDone.  Got mat at 40% off with a Micheal’s coupon!!!  😀

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