Swap Surprise!!!!!!!

It’s kinda hard for me to describe how I felt going through the box.  Lemme back track a bit.  I’m typically the girl who’ll put great gift exchange packages and surprises together and end up with the WHOMP, WHOMP package.  This time however … oh my …

I got paired with Robine in the Kntpicks Swap group on Ravelry. Through conversation and the questionnaire they ask you to fill out before the partner pairing begins, it seemed like she and I had a lot in common.  As the weeks went on, we chatted via messages and also got to know each other through the group’s discussions.

I got my swap box yesterday morning and I got my pattern earlier this week and nothing prepared me for what I received.  The collage below doesn’t capture the thoughtfulness that went into my box but it’s everything this newbie knitMiss could have needed to better my knitting skill-set and then some.

image title

She “honored” my love of purple, geometric patterns and butterflies and sent me:

  1. A handmade (by her) needle case
  2. In the case were three sets of KnitPicks interchangeable needles, stitch markers, annnnnnd the most adorable pink puppy scissors
  3. 5 skeins of KnitPicks yarn from their Essential and Andean Silk lines (which I wanted to try) — all in varying shades of purple and teal
  4. A handmade knitted wash-cloth and goat milk soap (both made by her)
  5. A Deck the Halls Ornament Kit — did I ever tell y’all how much I love Christmas? Hmmmm, I wonder how she knew that … LOL!!!
  6. Two sachets and two specialty teas
  7. 1 Interweave Knits mag
  8. 1 book – It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons (which already has me screaming with laughter in my apt)
  9. 1 Magic Loop Sock instruction book (just this week I was planning to look into this since sock and dpns scare my newbie sensibilities)
  10. From the Deborah Norville Collection: Not Just Socks mini booklet
  11. 1 The Natural Soap Book. I think Robine has special telepathic powers cause I don’t remember ever talking about soap making but I did purchase some mold and melt and pour soap kits during last winter. How timely is her book!!!!!
  12. 1 book – The Knittng Handbook: An Instructional Guide to Knitting: Edited by Viv Foster. WINNER, WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!!! LOL!!! This book even shows me how to design my own knits!!!!
  13. 1 book – Knitting New Mittens & Gloves from Robin Melanson
  14. A beautiful card that encouraged me to tackle socks and NOT go to Target to get them.  😀

When she said this box was packed to the gills she wasn’t kidding. Thanks doesn’t seem enough for her thoughtfulness. This is by far my best gift exchange type surprise I’ve EVER received.

She’s definitely a ROCKING Robin (pun intended) and her thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.  I only hope that my box is half as fun for her to receive as getting mine from her was.

2 thoughts on “Swap Surprise!!!!!!!

  1. Lauren August 15, 2011 / 7:53 pm

    What a haul! I love that needle case the most.

    • pyaspirite August 16, 2011 / 9:39 pm

      Me too. That thing is just some Barney Stinson type of awesomeness!!!!! Tomorrow I’ll have time to put my needles in it. I can’t wait!!!!!!!

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