Why Wednesday — The Vent Edition

I know this is a craft blog and not a lifestyle blog.   I know everyone living in an apt building/complex has encountered the crazy neighbors at least once or twice.  I know everyone has a hard time at his/her job sometimes. I know I should be grateful to have a job but the last couple of weeks here … all I can say like Florida Evans on Good Times — DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!!!  😦

  • Why did I leave my orange juice in the fridge at work?  Thought I was doing myself a favor since I have to take iron pills every day and they go down better with Vitamin C.
  • Why did someone not take one of the bottles but both of them!
  • Why couldn’t they be satisfied with one since the bottles are so big?
  • Why didn’t they have consideration for the person (even if they didn’t know who) the juice belonged to?
  • Why do people operate like that?  Now I can’t take the pill until I replace my juice?
  • Why is it so hard to explain that my feelings are not about the orange juice per se, but at the fact that one of my co-workers is a thief?
  • Why is it when you challenge the notion that co-workers can be ridiculously shady, others respond by saying you’re over-reacting.
  • Why the two bottles instead of one?
  • Why don’t I feel safe in my own home?
  • Why is it that other tenants are dis-regarding the building management’s security measures and buzzing anyone into the building even when the tenant is not expecting a visitor?
  • Why did this homeless man impersonate my building super’s voice so I could open the door?
  • Why was he begging me for money when I opened the door expecting to find my super standing in the doorway?
  • Why is this the second time he’s been let in the building?
  • Why are tenants waiting for something negative to happen before adhering to the rules?